Adam R. Nordsvan
Adam R. Nordsvan
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Laurentian crust in northeast Australia: Implications for the assembly of the supercontinent Nuna
AR Nordsvan, WJ Collins, ZX Li, CJ Spencer, A Pourteau, IW Withnall, ...
Geology 46 (3), 251-254, 2018
1.6 Ga crustal thickening along the final Nuna suture
A Pourteau, MA Smit, ZX Li, WJ Collins, AR Nordsvan, S Volante, J Li
Geology 46 (11), 959-962, 2018
South Australian U-Pb zircon (CA-ID-TIMS) age supports globally synchronous Sturtian deglaciation
GM Cox, V Isakson, PF Hoffman, TM Gernon, MD Schmitz, S Shahin, ...
Precambrian Research 315, 257-263, 2018
Paleomagnetic constraints on the duration of the Australia-Laurentia connection in the core of the Nuna supercontinent
U Kirscher, RN Mitchell, Y Liu, AR Nordsvan, GM Cox, SA Pisarevsky, ...
Geology 49 (2), 174-179, 2021
Paleomagnetism of the Hart Dolerite (Kimberley, Western Australia)–A two-stage assembly of the supercontinent Nuna?
U Kirscher, Y Liu, ZX Li, RN Mitchell, SA Pisarevsky, SW Denyszyn, ...
Precambrian Research 329, 170-181, 2019
Multiple P–T–d–t paths reveal the evolution of the final Nuna assembly in northeast Australia
S Volante, A Pourteau, WJ Collins, E Blereau, ZX Li, M Smit, NJ Evans, ...
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 38 (6), 593-627, 2020
Interplay of tectonism and eustasy during the Early Permian icehouse: Southern Sydney Basin, southeast Australia
AG Maravelis, O Catuneanu, A Nordsvan, B Landenberger, A Zelilidis
Geological Journal 53 (4), 1372-1403, 2018
Long-lived connection between the North China and North Australian cratons in supercontinent Nuna: Paleomagnetic and geological constraints
C Wang, ZX Li, P Peng, S Pisarevsky, Y Liu, U Kirscher, A Nordsvan
Science Bulletin 64 (13), 873-876, 2019
Resampling (detrital) zircon age distributions for accurate multidimensional scaling solutions
AR Nordsvan, U Kirscher, CL Kirkland, M Barham, DT Brennan
Earth-Science Reviews 204, 103149, 2020
Orbital forcing of ice sheets during snowball Earth
RN Mitchell, TM Gernon, GM Cox, AR Nordsvan, U Kirscher, C Xuan, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 4187, 2021
Recalibrating Rodinian rifting in the northwestern United States
DT Brennan, ZX Li, K Rankenburg, N Evans, PK Link, AR Nordsvan, ...
Geology 49 (6), 617-622, 2021
Heterogeneous Exhumation of the Mount Isa Orogen in NE Australia After 1.6 Ga Nuna Assembly: New High‐Precision 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronological Constraints
J Li, A Pourteau, ZX Li, F Jourdan, AR Nordsvan, WJ Collins, S Volante
Tectonics 39 (12), e2020TC006129, 2020
Sedimentological analysis and bed thickness statistics from a Carboniferous deep-water channel-levee complex: Myall Trough, SE Australia
J Palozzi, G Pantopoulos, AG Maravelis, A Nordsvan, A Zelilidis
Sedimentary Geology 364, 160-179, 2018
Structural evolution of a 1.6 Ga orogeny related to the final assembly of the supercontinent Nuna: coupling of episodic and progressive deformation
S Volante, WJ Collins, A Pourteau, ZX Li, J Li, AR Nordsvan
Tectonics 39 (10), e2020TC006162, 2020
Spatio–temporal evolution of Mesoproterozoic magmatism in NE Australia: A hybrid tectonic model for final Nuna assembly
S Volante, WJ Collins, V Barrote, AR Nordsvan, A Pourteau, ZX Li, J Li, ...
Precambrian Research 372, 106602, 2022
Reassessing zircon-monazite thermometry with thermodynamic modelling: insights from the Georgetown igneous complex, NE Australia
S Volante, WJ Collins, E Blereau, A Pourteau, C Spencer, NJ Evans, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 175, 1-22, 2020
Hit or miss: Glacial incisions of snowball Earth
RN Mitchell, TM Gernon, A Nordsvan, GM Cox, ZX Li, PF Hoffman
Terra Nova 31 (4), 381-389, 2019
Mineralization proximal to the final Nuna suture in northeastern Australia
HKH Olierook, RG Affleck, NJ Evans, F Jourdan, CL Kirkland, S Volante, ...
Gondwana Research 92, 54-71, 2021
Major shoreline retreat and sediment starvation following Snowball Earth
AR Nordsvan, M Barham, G Cox, U Kirscher, RN Mitchell
Terra Nova 31 (6), 495-502, 2019
Long lived supercontinent Nuna-updated paleomagnetic constraints from Australia
U Kirscher, R Mitchell, Y Liu, ZX Li, GM Cox, A Nordsvan, C Wang, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2018, GP21B-0647, 2018
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