Dean Mohamedally
Dean Mohamedally
Professor, Computer Science, University College London
E-mail megerősítve itt: cs.ucl.ac.uk - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
RoboRun: A gamification approach to control flow learning for young students with TouchDevelop
S Vinay, M Vaseekharan, D Mohamedally
arXiv preprint arXiv:1310.0810, 2013
Categorization constructionist assessment with software-based affinity diagramming
D Mohamedally, P Zaphiris
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User needs analysis and evaluation of portals
P Zaphiris, A Dellaporta, D Mohamedally
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Asynchronous knowledge elicitation through software based card sorting in collaborative and geographically dispersed environments
D Mohamedally, P Zaphiris, H Petrie
Recent research in mobile computing: a review and taxonomy of HCI issues
D Mohamedally, P Zaphiris, H Petrie
MIKE's PET: A participant-based experiment tracking tool for HCI practitioners using mobile devices
D Mohamedally, S Edlich, E Klaus, P Zaphiris
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PROTEUS: Artefact-driven Constructionist Assessment within Tablet PC-based Low-fidelity Prototyping
D Mohamedally, P Zaphiris, H Petrie
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A web based tool for HCI-orientated massive asynchronous linear card sorting
D Mohamedally, P Zaphiris, H Petrie
MotionInput v2. 0 supporting DirectX: A modular library of open-source gesture-based machine learning and computer vision methods for interacting and controlling existing …
A Kummen, G Li, A Hassan, T Ganeva, Q Lu, R Shaw, C Ratwatte, Y Zou, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.04357, 2021
44 Internet of healthcare things (IoHT) handheld device for secure patient data retrieval
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HoloLens for medical imaging using post-mortem fetal micro-CT data
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Lab of things in education
A Samuel, D Mohamedally, N Banerjee, AJ Brush, R Mahajan
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Supporting Situated STEM Learning: TouchDevelop Integration of the UCL Engduino over Bluetooth
S Baker, S Dekov, F Fakih, J Medvesek, V Shum, D Mohamedally
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3 Development of OctiPAT: a patient-facing mobile and web-based application to provide higher quality, patient-focused, multidisciplinary care to a complex patient cohort
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Archives of Disease in Childhood 106 (Suppl 3), A1-A2, 2021
47 FHIRworks 2020: an interoperability hackathon for a healthcare information exchange
S Visram, D Mohamedally, D Bassi, U Bahadur, C Stylianou, ...
Archives of Disease in Childhood 105 (Suppl 2), A16-A16, 2020
117 Development of ‘smart’hospital interactions using QR codes to trigger augmented reality (AR) objects for engagement and information provision
M Lim, X Li, Y Ghannam, D Mohamedally, S Conner, W Priestman, ...
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Mike’s Conker: a collaborative nonlinear knowledge elicitation repository for mobile HCI practitioners
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Incorporating digital inking methods in HCI knowledge elicitation
D Mohamedally, P Zaphiris, H Petrie
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