nathan g. walworth
nathan g. walworth
VP of Microbiome Science, Vesta. Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California
E-mail megerősítve itt: usc.edu - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Taxon-specific response of marine nitrogen fixers to elevated carbon dioxide concentrations
DA Hutchins, FX Fu, EA Webb, N Walworth, A Tagliabue
Nature Geoscience 6 (9), 790-795, 2013
Irreversibly increased nitrogen fixation in Trichodesmium experimentally adapted to elevated carbon dioxide
FXF David A. Hutchins, Nathan G. Walworth, Eric A. Webb, Mak A. Saito, Dawn ...
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The Trichodesmium consortium: conserved heterotrophic co-occurrence and genomic signatures of potential interactions
MD Lee, NG Walworth, EL McParland, FX Fu, TJ Mincer, NM Levine, ...
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Microbial communities on seafloor basalts at Dorado Outcrop reflect level of alteration and highlight global lithic clades
MD Lee, NG Walworth, JB Sylvan, KJ Edwards, BN Orcutt
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Molecular and physiological evidence of genetic assimilation to high CO2 in the marine nitrogen fixer Trichodesmium
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Trichodesmium genome maintains abundant, widespread noncoding DNA in situ, despite oligotrophic lifestyle
N Walworth, U Pfreundt, WC Nelson, T Mincer, JF Heidelberg, F Fu, ...
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Microbial evolutionary strategies in a dynamic ocean
NG Walworth, EJ Zakem, JP Dunne, S Collins, NM Levine
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Nutrient-colimited Trichodesmium as a nitrogen source or sink in a future ocean
NG Walworth, FX Fu, MD Lee, X Cai, MA Saito, EA Webb, DA Hutchins
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 84 (3), e02137-17, 2018
Marine Synechococcus isolates representing globally abundant genomic lineages demonstrate a unique evolutionary path of genome reduction without a …
MD Lee, NA Ahlgren, JD Kling, NG Walworth, G Rocap, MA Saito, ...
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Transcriptional activities of the microbial consortium living with the marine nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Trichodesmium reveal potential roles in community-level nitrogen …
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Irreversibly increased nitrogen fixation in Trichodesmium experimentally adapted to elevated carbon dioxide, Nat. Commun., 6, 8155
DA Hutchins, NG Walworth, EA Webb, MA Saito, D Moran, MR McIlvin, ...
The evolution of trait correlations constrains phenotypic adaptation to high CO2 in a eukaryotic alga
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Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288 (1953), 20210940, 2021
Long-Term m5C Methylome Dynamics Parallel Phenotypic Adaptation in the Cyanobacterium Trichodesmium
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Multivariate trait analysis reveals diatom plasticity constrained to a reduced set of biological axes
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Functional Genomics and Phylogenetic Evidence Suggest Genus-Wide Cobalamin Production by the Globally Distributed Marine Nitrogen Fixer Trichodesmium
NG Walworth, MD Lee, C Suffridge, P Qu, FX Fu, MA Saito, EA Webb, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 189, 2018
Impact of temperature, CO2, and iron on nutrient uptake by a late-season microbial community from the Ross Sea, Antarctica
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Biogeographic conservation of the cytosine epigenome in the globally important marine, nitrogen‐fixing cyanobacterium Trichodesmium
NG Walworth, DA Hutchins, E Dolzhenko, MD Lee, F Fu, AD Smith, ...
Environmental microbiology 19 (11), 4700-4713, 2017
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