Khachatur Meliksetian
Khachatur Meliksetian
Director, Institute of Geological Sciences, Armenian National Academy of Sciences
E-mail megerősítve itt: geology.am
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Petrogenesis of mafic collision zone magmatism: The Armenian sector of the Turkish–Iranian Plateau
I Neill, K Meliksetian, MB Allen, G Navasardyan, K Kuiper
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Probabilistic approach to modeling lava flow inundation: a lava flow hazard assessment for a nuclear facility in Armenia
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Geochemical characterisation of Armenian Early Bronze Age metal artefacts and their relation to copper ores
C Meliksetyan, E Pernicka
Gewinnung und Verbreitung von Metallen und Obsidian in Kaukasien im 4. - 2 …, 2010
A preliminary report on the 2008, 2010, and 2011 investigations of Project ArAGATS on the Tsaghkahovit Plain, Republic of Armenia
R Badalyan, AT Smith, I Lindsay, A Harutyunyan, A Greene, M Marshall, ...
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Metallurgy of prehistoric Armenia
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Data interoperability for disaster risk reduction in Europe
M Migliorini, JS Hagen, J Mihaljević, J Mysiak, JL Rossi, A Siegmund, ...
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Decoding a post-collisional multistage magma system: The Quaternary ignimbrites of Aragats stratovolcano, western Armenia
H Gevorgyan, A Repstock, B Schulz, K Meliksetian, C Breitkreuz, ...
Lithos 318, 267-282, 2018
Chemical and lead isotope characterisation of Middle Bronze Age bronzes and some Iron Age antimony objects (Armenia)
K Meliksetian, E Pernicka, P Avetissyan, H Simonyan
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Boron isotope insights into the origin of subduction signatures in continent-continent collision zone volcanism
PJ Sugden, IP Savov, S Agostini, M Wilson, R Halama, K Meliksetian
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 538, 116207, 2020
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