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Erratum to" Biomass segregation between biofilm and flocs improves the control of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in mainstream partial nitritation and anammox processes"[Water Res …
M Laureni, DG Weissbrodt, K Villez, O Robin, N de Jonge, A Rosenthal, ...
Water research 169, 115133, 2019
Biomass segregation between biofilm and flocs improves the control of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in mainstream partial nitritation and anammox processes
M Laureni, DG Weissbrodt, K Villez, O Robin, N De Jonge, A Rosenthal, ...
Water research 154, 104-116, 2019
Transforming data into knowledge for improved wastewater treatment operation: A critical review of techniques
L Corominas, M Garrido-Baserba, K Villez, G Olsson, U Cortés, M Poch
Environmental Modelling & Software 106, 89-103, 2018
Wastewater treatment modelling: dealing with uncertainties.
E Belia, Y Amerlinck, L Benedetti, B Johnson, G Sin, PA Vanrolleghem, ...
Water Science & Technology 60 (8), 2009
Data reconciliation for wastewater treatment plant simulation studies—planning for high-quality data and typical sources of errors
L Rieger, I Takács, K Villez, H Siegrist, P Lessard, PA Vanrolleghem, ...
Water Environment Research 82 (5), 426-433, 2010
Multi‐model statistical process monitoring and diagnosis of a sequencing batch reactor
CK Yoo, K Villez, IB Lee, C Rosén, PA Vanrolleghem
Biotechnology and bioengineering 96 (4), 687-701, 2007
N2O emission in full-scale wastewater treatment: Proposing a refined monitoring strategy
W Gruber, K Villez, M Kipf, P Wunderlin, H Siegrist, L Vogt, A Joss
Science of The Total Environment, 134157, 2019
How Urban Storm-and Wastewater Management Prepares for Emerging Opportunities and Threats: Digital Transformation, Ubiquitous Sensing, New Data Sources, and Beyond-A Horizon Scan
F Blumensaat, JP Leitão, C Ort, J Rieckermann, A Scheidegger, ...
Environmental science & technology 53 (15), 8488-8498, 2019
Performance evaluation of fault detection methods for wastewater treatment processes
L Corominas, K Villez, D Aguado, L Rieger, C Rosén, PA Vanrolleghem
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 108 (2), 333-344, 2011
Combining multiway principal component analysis (MPCA) and clustering for efficient data mining of historical data sets of SBR processes.
K Villez, M Ruiz, G Sin, J Colomer, C Rosen, PA Vanrolleghem
Water Science & Technology 57 (10), 2008
Soft-sensing with qualitative trend analysis for wastewater treatment plant control
CM Thürlimann, DJ Dürrenmatt, K Villez
Control Engineering Practice 70, 121-133, 2018
Enhanced process monitoring for wastewater treatment systems
CK Yoo, K Villez, SWH Van Hulle, PA Vanrolleghem
Environmetrics 19 (6), 602-617, 2008
Kalman-based strategies for Fault Detection and Identification (FDI): Extensions and critical evaluation for a buffer tank system
K Villez, B Srinivasan, R Rengaswamy, S Narasimhan, ...
Computers & Chemical Engineering 35 (5), 806-816, 2011
Estimation of nitrite in source-separated nitrified urine with UV spectrophotometry
A Mašić, ATL Santos, B Etter, KM Udert, K Villez
Water research 85, 244-254, 2015
Construction, start-up and operation of a continuously aerated laboratory scale-SHARON reactor in view of coupling with an Annamox reactor
SWH Van Hulle, S Van Den Broeck, J Maertens, K Villez, BMR Donckels, ...
WATER SA 31 (3), 327-334, 2005
Active learning for anomaly detection in environmental data
S Russo, M Lürig, W Hao, B Matthews, K Villez
Environmental Modelling & Software 134, 104869, 2020
The future of WRRF modelling–outlook and challenges
P Regmi, H Stewart, Y Amerlinck, M Arnell, PJ García, B Johnson, ...
Water Science and Technology 79 (1), 3-14, 2018
Generalized shape constrained spline fitting for qualitative analysis of trends
K Villez, V Venkatasubramanian, R Rengaswamy
Computers & Chemical Engineering 58, 116-134, 2013
Use of Unfold PCA for on-line plant stress monitoring and sensor failure detection
K Villez, K Steppe, DJW De Pauw
biosystems engineering 103 (1), 23-34, 2009
Anomaly Detection using Deep Autoencoders for in-situ Wastewater Systems Monitoring Data
S Russo, A Disch, F Blumensaat, K Villez
arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.03843, 2020
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