Zoya Heidari
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Improved Estimation of Mineral and Fluid Volumetric Concentrations in Thinly-Bedded and Invaded Formations
Z Heidari, C Torres-Verdín, WE Preeg
SPWLA 51st Annual Well Logging Symposium, 2010
Inversion-based method for estimating total organic carbon and porosity and for diagnosing mineral constituents from multiple well logs in shale-gas formations
Z Heidari, C Torres-Verdín
Interpretation 1 (1), T113-T123, 2013
A New Technique to Characterize Fracture Density Using Neutron Porosity Logs Enhanced by Electrically-Transported Contrast Agents
H Tang, JE Killough, Z Heidari, Z Sun
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 2016
Rock classification in carbonate reservoirs based on static and dynamic petrophysical properties estimated from conventional well logs
C Xu, Z Heidari, C Torres-Verdín
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, SPE 159991, 2012
Assisted passive snake-like robots: conception and dynamic modeling using Gibbs–Appell method
G Vossoughi, H Pendar, Z Heidari, S Mohammadi
Robotica 26 (3), 267-276, 2008
Quantifying the Effect of Kerogen on Resistivity Measurements in Organic-Rich Mudrocks
N Kethireddy, H Chen, Z Heidari
Petrophysics 55 (2), 136-146, 2014
Electrical resistivity and chemical properties of kerogen isolated from organic-rich mudrocks
A Yang, G Firdaus, Z Heidari
Geophysics 81 (6), D643-D655, 2016
Rock Classification in the Haynesville Shale Based on Petrophysical and Elastic Properties Estimated from Well Logs
M Saneifar, A Aranibar, Z Heidari
Interpretation 3 (1), SA65-SA75, 2015
Diffusional coupling between microfractures and pore structure and its impact on nuclear magnetic resonance measurements in multiple-porosity systems
L Chi, Z Heidari
Geophysics 80 (1), D31-D42, 2015
Combined interpretation of NMR and TGA measurements to quantify the impact of relative humidity on hydration of clay minerals
K Cheng, Z Heidari
Applied Clay Science 143, 362-371, 2017
Experimental quantification of the effect of thermal maturity of kerogen on its wettability
A Jagadisan, Z Heidari
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 22 (04), 1323-1333, 2019
Quantifying the directional connectivity of rock constituents and its impact on electrical resistivity of organic-rich mudrocks
H Chen, Z Heidari
Mathematical Geosciences 48 (3), 285-303, 2016
Estimating spatial distribution of natural fractures by changing NMR T2 relaxation with magnetic nanoparticles
C An, B Yan, M Alfi, L Mi, JE Killough, Z Heidari
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 157, 273-287, 2017
Improved Assessment of Interconnected Porosity in Multiple-Porosity Rocks by Use of Nanoparticle Contrast Agents and Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance Relaxation Measurements
L Chi, K Cheng, Z Heidari
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 19 (1), 95-107, 2015
A new method for quantifying cation exchange capacity in clay minerals
K Cheng, Z Heidari
SPWLA 58th Annual Logging Symposium, 2017
Pore-scale joint evaluation of dielectric permittivity and electrical resistivity for assessment of hydrocarbon saturation using numerical simulations
H Chen, Z Heidari
SPE Journal 21 (06), 1930-1942, 2016
Detection of Propping Agents in Fractures using Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements Enhanced by Magnetic Nanoparticles
AA Aderibigbe, K Cheng, Z Heidari, JE Killough, T Fuss, W Stephens
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, SPE 170818, 2014
Petrophysical Rock Typing in Organic-Rich Source Rocks Using Well Logs
A Aranibar, M Saneifar, Z Heidari
Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC), URTeC 1619574, 2013
Rock classification from conventional well logs in hydrocarbon-bearing shale
AC Popielski, Z Heidari, C Torres-Verdin
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, SPE 159255, 2012
Integrated rock classification in the Wolfcamp Shale based on reservoir quality and anisotropic stress profile estimated from well logs
A Aderibigbe, CC Valdes, Z Heidari
Interpretation 4 (2), SF1-SF18, 2016
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