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Using artificial intelligence to detect COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia based on pulmonary CT: evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy
L Li, L Qin, Z Xu, Y Yin, X Wang, B Kong, J Bai, Y Lu, Z Fang, Q Song, ...
Radiology, 2020
Mass preserving nonrigid registration of CT lung images using cubic B‐spline
Y Yin, EA Hoffman, CL Lin
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Precise diagnosis of intracranial hemorrhage and subtypes using a three-dimensional joint convolutional and recurrent neural network
H Ye, F Gao, Y Yin, D Guo, P Zhao, Y Lu, X Wang, J Bai, K Cao, Q Song, ...
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Simulation of pulmonary air flow with a subject-specific boundary condition
Y Yin, J Choi, EA Hoffman, MH Tawhai, CL Lin
Journal of biomechanics 43 (11), 2159-2163, 2010
Pulmonary microvascular blood flow in mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema. The MESA COPD Study
K Hueper, J Vogel-Claussen, MA Parikh, JHM Austin, DA Bluemke, J Carr, ...
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 192 (5), 570-580, 2015
Computed tomography predictors of response to endobronchial valve lung reduction treatment. Comparison with Chartis
M Schuhmann, P Raffy, Y Yin, D Gompelmann, I Oguz, R Eberhardt, ...
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 191 (7), 767-774, 2015
A multiscale MDCT image-based breathing lung model with time-varying regional ventilation
Y Yin, J Choi, EA Hoffman, MH Tawhai, CL Lin
Journal of computational physics 244, 168-192, 2013
Registration-based assessment of regional lung function via volumetric CT images of normal subjects vs. severe asthmatics
S Choi, EA Hoffman, SE Wenzel, MH Tawhai, Y Yin, M Castro, CL Lin
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Oscillating flow of a viscoelastic fluid in a pipe with the fractional Maxwell model
Y Yin, KQ Zhu
Applied mathematics and computation 173 (1), 231-242, 2006
Learning physical properties in complex visual scenes: An intelligent machine for perceiving blood flow dynamics from static CT angiography imaging
Z Gao, X Wang, S Sun, D Wu, J Bai, Y Yin, X Liu, H Zhang, ...
Neural Networks 123, 82-93, 2020
A cubic B-spline-based hybrid registration of lung CT images for a dynamic airway geometric model with large deformation
Y Yin, EA Hoffman, K Ding, JM Reinhardt, CL Lin
Physics in medicine & biology 56 (1), 203, 2010
Learning tree-structured representation for 3D coronary artery segmentation
B Kong, X Wang, J Bai, Y Lu, F Gao, K Cao, J Xia, Q Song, Y Yin
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A novel method of estimating small airway disease using inspiratory-to-expiratory computed tomography
M Kirby, Y Yin, J Tschirren, WC Tan, J Leipsic, CJ Hague, J Bourbeau, ...
Respiration 94 (4), 336-345, 2017
De-gan: Domain embedded gan for high quality face image inpainting
X Zhang, X Wang, C Shi, Z Yan, X Li, B Kong, S Lyu, B Zhu, J Lv, Y Yin, ...
Pattern Recognition 124, 108415, 2022
Automated anatomical labeling of coronary arteries via bidirectional tree LSTMs
D Wu, X Wang, J Bai, X Xu, B Ouyang, Y Li, H Zhang, Q Song, K Cao, ...
International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery 14, 271-280, 2019
Evaluation of lobar biomechanics during respiration using image registration
K Ding, Y Yin, K Cao, GE Christensen, CL Lin, EA Hoffman, JM Reinhardt
International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted …, 2009
Method and system for performing segmentation of image having a sparsely distributed object
Q Song, H Chen, Y Zhou, YIN Youbing, Y Li
US Patent 10,460,447, 2019
Patterns of emphysema heterogeneity
A Valipour, PL Shah, W Gesierich, R Eberhardt, G Snell, C Strange, ...
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Assessment of regional non-linear tissue deformation and air volume change of human lungs via image registration
N Jahani, Y Yin, EA Hoffman, CL Lin
Journal of biomechanics 47 (7), 1626-1633, 2014
End-to-end multimodal image registration via reinforcement learning
J Hu, Z Luo, X Wang, S Sun, Y Yin, K Cao, Q Song, S Lyu, X Wu
Medical Image Analysis 68, 101878, 2021
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