Matt D. Rowberry
Matt D. Rowberry
Institute of Rock Structure & Mechanics, ASCR
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Hivatkozott rá
The process of ghost-rock karstification and its role in the formation of caves
C Dubois, Y Quinif, JM Baele, L Barriquand, A Bini, L Bruxelles, ...
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The monitoring of slow-moving landslides and assessment of stabilisation measures using an optical–mechanical crack gauge
J Klimeą, MD Rowberry, J Blahůt, M Briestenský, F Hartvich, B Koą»ák, ...
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A MATLAB® code for counting the moiré interference fringes recorded by the optical-mechanical crack gauge TM-71
X Marti, MD Rowberry, J Blahůt
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Radon, carbon dioxide, and fault displacements in central Europe related to the Tohoku Earthquake
M Briestenský, L Thinová, R Praksová, J Stemberk, MD Rowberry, ...
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The instrumental resolution of a moire extensometer in light of its recent automatisation
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Database of giant landslides on volcanic islands—first results from the Atlantic Ocean
J Blahut, J Klimeą, M Rowberry, M Kusák
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Evidence of a plate-wide tectonic pressure pulse provided by extensometric monitoring in the Balkan Mountains (Bulgaria)
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A comparison of three terrain parameters that may be used to identify denudation surfaces within a GIS: a case study from Wales, United Kingdom
MD Rowberry
Computers & Geosciences, 43, 147-158, 2012
The number, form and origin of sub-horizontal surfaces in north Ceredigion, Wales UK
MD Rowberry, PA Brewer, MG Macklin
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Rock landforms that reflect differential relief development in the north-eastern sector of the Rychlebské Hory and the adjacent area of ®ulovská Pahorkatina (SE Sudeten Mts …
P ©těpančíková, MD Rowberry
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Calculating flux to predict future cave radon concentrations
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The use of caves as observatories for recent geodynamic activity and radon gas concentrations in the Western Carpathians and Bohemian Massif
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The spatial and temporal characterisation of flooding within the floodplain wetland of the Nyl River, Limpopo Province, South Africa
MD Rowberry, TS McCarthy, M Thompson, A Nomnganga A, L Moyo
Water SA, 37, 445-452, 2011
A contactless positioning system for monitoring discontinuities in three dimensions with geological and geotechnical applications
N Rinaldi-Montes, M Rowberry, C Frontera, J Garcés, I Baroň, J Blahůt, ...
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Volcanic edifice slip events recorded on the fault plane of the San Andrés Landslide, El Hierro, Canary Islands
J Blahůt, I Mitrovic-Woodell, I Baroň, M René, M Rowberry, PH Blard, ...
Tectonophysics 776, 228317, 2020
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