Étienne Fodor
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How far from equilibrium is active matter?
É Fodor, C Nardini, ME Cates, J Tailleur, P Visco, F Van Wijland
Physical review letters 117 (3), 038103, 2016
Entropy production in field theories without time-reversal symmetry: quantifying the non-equilibrium character of active matter
C Nardini, É Fodor, E Tjhung, F Van Wijland, J Tailleur, ME Cates
Physical Review X 7 (2), 021007, 2017
The statistical physics of active matter: From self-catalytic colloids to living cells
É Fodor, MC Marchetti
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 504, 106-120, 2018
Statistical mechanics of active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck particles
D Martin, J O'Byrne, ME Cates, É Fodor, C Nardini, J Tailleur, ...
Physical Review E 103 (3), 032607, 2021
Activity-driven fluctuations in living cells
É Fodor, M Guo, NS Gov, P Visco, DA Weitz, F Van Wijland
Europhysics Letters 110 (4), 48005, 2015
Autonomous engines driven by active matter: Energetics and design principles
P Pietzonka, É Fodor, C Lohrmann, ME Cates, U Seifert
Physical Review X 9 (4), 041032, 2019
Optimizing active work: Dynamical phase transitions, collective motion, and jamming
T Nemoto, É Fodor, ME Cates, RL Jack, J Tailleur
Physical Review E 99 (2), 022605, 2019
Irreversibility and biased ensembles in active matter: Insights from stochastic thermodynamics
É Fodor, RL Jack, ME Cates
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 13 (1), 215-238, 2022
Active cell mechanics: Measurement and theory
WW Ahmed, É Fodor, T Betz
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Cell Research 1853 (11), 3083-3094, 2015
Active mechanics reveal molecular-scale force kinetics in living oocytes
WW Ahmed, É Fodor, M Almonacid, M Bussonnier, MH Verlhac, N Gov, ...
Biophysical journal 114 (7), 1667-1679, 2018
How dissipation constrains fluctuations in nonequilibrium liquids: Diffusion, structure, and biased interactions
L Tociu, É Fodor, T Nemoto, S Vaikuntanathan
Physical Review X 9 (4), 041026, 2019
Nonequilibrium dissipation in living oocytes
É Fodor, WW Ahmed, M Almonacid, M Bussonnier, NS Gov, MH Verlhac, ...
Europhysics Letters 116 (3), 30008, 2016
Modeling the dynamics of a tracer particle in an elastic active gel
E Ben-Isaac, É Fodor, P Visco, F Van Wijland, NS Gov
Physical Review E 92 (1), 012716, 2015
Thermodynamics of active field theories: Energetic cost of coupling to reservoirs
T Markovich, É Fodor, E Tjhung, ME Cates
Physical Review X 11 (2), 021057, 2021
Thermodynamic cycles with active matter
T Ekeh, ME Cates, É Fodor
Physical Review E 102 (1), 010101, 2020
Dissipation controls transport and phase transitions in active fluids: Mobility, diffusion and biased ensembles
É Fodor, T Nemoto, S Vaikuntanathan
New Journal of Physics 22 (1), 013052, 2020
Active engines: Thermodynamics moves forward
É Fodor, ME Cates
Europhysics Letters 134 (1), 10003, 2021
Extracting maximum power from active colloidal heat engines
D Martin, C Nardini, ME Cates, É Fodor
Europhysics Letters 121 (6), 60005, 2018
Energetics of active fluctuations in living cells
É Fodor, K Kanazawa, H Hayakawa, P Visco, F Van Wijland
Physical Review E 90 (4), 042724, 2014
Collective motion in large deviations of active particles
YE Keta, É Fodor, F van Wijland, ME Cates, RL Jack
Physical Review E 103 (2), 022603, 2021
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