Ivaylo Iotchev
Ivaylo Iotchev
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
EEG Transients in the Sigma Range During non-REM Sleep Predict Learning in Dogs
IB Iotchev, A Kis, R Bódizs, G van Luijtelaar, K Enikő
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Age-related differences and sexual dimorphism in canine sleep spindles
IB Iotchev, A Kis, B Turcsán, DRTF de Lara, V Reicher, E Kubinyi
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Sex, skull length, breed, and age predict how dogs look at faces of humans and conspecifics
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Possible association between spindle frequency and reversal-learning in aged family dogs
IB Iotchev, D Szabó, A Kis, E Kubinyi
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Encounters between pairs of unfamiliar dogs in a dog park
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Animal cognition: Quantity has a quality of its own
IB Iotchev, KM Costa
Animal Sentience 3 (23), 44, 2019
Averaging sleep spindle occurrence in dogs predicts learning performance better than single measures
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A Preliminary Study toward a Rapid Assessment of Age-Related Behavioral Differences in Family Dogs
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Assertive, trainable and older dogs are perceived as more dominant in multi-dog households
LJ Wallis, IB Iotchev, E Kubinyi
PloS one 15 (1), e0227253, 2020
Reliability of family dogs’ sleep structure scoring based on manual and automated sleep stage identification
A Gergely, O Kiss, V Reicher, I Iotchev, E Kovács, F Gombos, A Benczúr, ...
Animals 10 (6), 927, 2020
When a model becomes the real thing: A neuro-cognitive account of'demonic'possession.
IB Iotchev, HT van Schie
Medical hypotheses 106, 35-40, 2017
Shared and unique features of mammalian sleep spindles–insights from new and old animal models
IB Iotchev, E Kubinyi
Biological Reviews, 2021
Human expressions of object preference affect dogs’ perceptual focus, but not their action choices
E Kubinyi, F Szánthó, E Gilmert, IB Iotchev, Á Miklósi
Frontiers in Psychology 11, 2020
The dog as a model-animal in comparative sleep spindle research.
IB Iotchev
Eötvös Loránd University, 2020
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