David Weissbrodt
David Weissbrodt
Full Professor | Department of Biotechnology and Food Science | NTNU, Norway
E-mail megerősítve itt: ntnu.no - Kezdőlap
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Hivatkozott rá
Mainstream partial nitritation and anammox: Long-term process stability and effluent quality at low temperatures
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Erratum to" Biomass segregation between biofilm and flocs improves the control of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in mainstream partial nitritation and anammox processes"[Water Res …
M Laureni, DG Weissbrodt, K Villez, O Robin, N de Jonge, A Rosenthal, ...
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Long-Term Bacterial Dynamics in a Full-Scale Drinking Water Distribution System
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Comparing the Resistance, Resilience, and Stability of Replicate Moving Bed Biofilm and Suspended Growth Combined Nitritation–Anammox Reactors
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Growth of Nitrosococcus-Related Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria Coincides with Extremely Low pH Values in Wastewater with High Ammonia Content
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Influence of different sewer biofilms on transformation rates of drugs
AK McCall, A Scheidegger, MM Madry, AE Steuer, DG Weissbrodt, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 50 (24), 13351-13360, 2016
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