Ari Tryggvason
Ari Tryggvason
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Improved hydrogeophysical characterization using joint inversion of cross‐hole electrical resistance and ground‐penetrating radar traveltime data
N Linde, A Binley, A Tryggvason, LB Pedersen, A Revil
Water Resources Research 42 (12), 2006
Three-dimensional imaging of the P- and S-wave velocity structure and earthquake locations beneath Southwest Iceland
A Tryggvason, ST Rögnvaldsson, OG Flóvenz
Geophysical Journal International 151 (3), 848-866, 2002
The Paleoproterozoic Kristineberg mining area, northern Sweden: Results from integrated 3D geophysical and geologic modeling, and implications for targeting ore deposits
A Malehmir, H Thunehed, A Tryggvason
Geophysics 74 (1), B9-B22, 2009
Calculating resolution and covariance matrices for seismic tomography with the LSQR method
ZS Yao, RG Roberts, A Tryggvason
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Joint inversion of crosshole radar and seismic traveltimes acquired at the South Oyster Bacterial Transport Site
N Linde, A Tryggvason, JE Peterson, SS Hubbard
Geophysics 73 (4), G29-G37, 2008
Local earthquake (LE) tomography with joint inversion for P‐and S‐wave velocities using structural constraints
A Tryggvason, N Linde
Geophysical Research Letters 33 (7), 2006
New Moho map for onshore southern Norway
W Stratford, H Thybo, JI Faleide, O Olesen, A Tryggvason
Geophysical Journal International 178 (3), 1755-1765, 2009
Regional structural profiles in the western part of the Palaeoproterozoic Skellefte ore district, northern Sweden
A Malehmir, A Tryggvason, H Lickorish, P Weihed
Precambrian Research 159 (1-2), 1-18, 2007
Seismic imaging and potential field modelling to delineate structures hosting VHMS deposits in the Skellefte Ore District, northern Sweden
A Malehmir, A Tryggvason, C Juhlin, J Rodriguez-Tablante, P Weihed
Tectonophysics 426 (3-4), 319-334, 2006
3D constraints on a possible deep> 2.5 km massive sulphide mineralization from 2D crooked-line seismic reflection data in the Kristineberg mining area, northern Sweden
A Malehmir, C Schmelzbach, E Bongajum, G Bellefleur, C Juhlin, ...
Tectonophysics 479 (3-4), 223-240, 2009
Cross-well seismic waveform tomography for monitoring CO2 injection: a case study from the Ketzin Site, Germany
F Zhang, C Juhlin, C Cosma, A Tryggvason, RG Pratt
Geophysical Journal International 189 (1), 629-646, 2012
3D seismic traveltime tomography imaging of the shallow subsurface at the project site, Ketzin, Germany
S Yordkayhun, A Tryggvason, B Norden, C Juhlin, B Bergman
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High-resolution seismic traveltime tomography incorporating static corrections applied to a till-covered bedrock environment
B Bergman, A Tryggvason, C Juhlin
Geophysics 69 (4), 1082-1090, 2004
A complex earthquake sequence captured by the continuous GPS network in SW Iceland
S Hreinsdóttir, T Árnadóttir, J Decriem, H Geirsson, A Tryggvason, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 36 (12), 2009
A traveltime reciprocity discrepancy in the Podvin & Lecomte time3d finite difference algorithm
A Tryggvason, B Bergman
Geophysical Journal International 165 (2), 432-435, 2006
Reflection seismic investigations in the western part of the paleoproterozoic VHMS-bearing Skellefte district, northern Sweden
A Tryggvason, A Malehmir, J Rodriguez-Tablante, C Juhlin, P Weihed
Economic Geology 101 (5), 1039-1054, 2006
2.5 D seismic velocity modelling in the south-eastern Romanian Carpathians Orogen and its foreland
A Bocin, R Stephenson, A Tryggvason, I Panea, V Mocanu, F Hauser, ...
Tectonophysics 410 (1-4), 273-291, 2005
MT measurements in the western part of the Paleoproterozoic Skellefte Ore District, Northern Sweden: A contribution to an integrated geophysical study
J Hübert, A Malehmir, M Smirnow, A Tryggvason, LB Pedersen
Tectonophysics 475 (3-4), 493-502, 2009
Mapping brittle fracture zones in three dimensions: high resolution traveltime seismic tomography in a granitic pluton
D Martí, R Carbonell, A Tryggvason, J Escuder, A Pérez-Estaún
Geophysical Journal International 149 (1), 95-105, 2002
Microearthquakes illuminate the deep structure of the endglacial Pärvie fault, northern Sweden
E Lindblom, B Lund, A Tryggvason, M Uski, R Bödvarsson, C Juhlin, ...
Geophysical Journal International 201 (3), 1704-1716, 2015
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