Anna Stöckl
Anna Stöckl
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Hivatkozott rá
Neural summation in the hawkmoth visual system extends the limits of vision in dim light
AL Stöckl, DC O’Carroll, EJ Warrant
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Differential investment in visual and olfactory brain areas reflects behavioural choices in hawk moths
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Hawkmoth lamina monopolar cells act as dynamic spatial filters to optimize vision at different light levels
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Encoding of social signals in all three electrosensory pathways of Eigenmannia virescens
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Setting the pace: new insights into central pattern generator interactions in box jellyfish swimming
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M Franzke, C Kraus, D Dreyer, K Pfeiffer, MJ Beetz, AL Stöckl, JJ Foster, ...
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Natural image statistics in the dorsal and ventral visual field match a switch in flight behaviour of a hawkmoth
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A new innovative real-time tracking method for flying insects applicable under natural conditions
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Neurons against noise: neural adaptations for dim light vision in hawkmoths
A Stöckl
Lund University, 2016
Least informative dimensions.
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Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, eds. C. J. C. Burges, L …, 2013
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