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Nanophononics: state of the art and perspectives
S Volz, J Ordonez-Miranda, A Shchepetov, M Prunnila, J Ahopelto, ...
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Blocking phonon transport by structural resonances in alloy-based nanophononic metamaterials leads to ultralow thermal conductivity
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Universal relation for size dependent thermodynamic properties of metallic nanoparticles
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Functionalization mediates heat transport in graphene nanoflakes
H Han, Y Zhang, N Wang, MK Samani, Y Ni, ZY Mijbil, M Edwards, ...
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Modeling size effects on the surface free energy of metallic nanoparticles and nanocavities
S Xiong, W Qi, Y Cheng, B Huang, M Wang, Y Li
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Effect of processing of mechanical alloying and powder metallurgy on microstructure and properties of Cu–Al–Ni–Mn alloy
Z Xiao, Z Li, M Fang, S Xiong, X Sheng, M Zhou
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Memory phototransistors based on exponential-association photoelectric conversion law
Z Shao, T Jiang, X Zhang, X Zhang, X Wu, F Xia, S Xiong, ST Lee, J Jie
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Native surface oxide turns alloyed silicon membranes into nanophononic metamaterials with ultralow thermal conductivity
S Xiong, D Selli, S Neogi, D Donadio
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Y Zhou, S Xiong, X Zhang, S Volz, M Hu
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Mechanical tuning of thermal transport in a molecular junction
Q Li, I Duchemin, S Xiong, GC Solomon, D Donadio
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Large thermal conductivity decrease in point defective Bi2Te3 bulk materials and superlattices
K Termentzidis, O Pokropyvnyy, M Woda, S Xiong, Y Chumakov, ...
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The effect of water on colloidal quantum dot solar cells
G Shi, H Wang, Y Zhang, C Cheng, T Zhai, B Chen, X Liu, R Jono, X Mao, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 4381, 2021
Hydrogen bond-modulated molecular packing and its applications in high-performance non-doped organic electroluminescence
Y Shi, K Wang, Y Tsuchiya, W Liu, T Komino, X Fan, D Sun, G Dai, J Chen, ...
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Anharmonic phonon-phonon scattering at the interface between two solids by nonequilibrium Green's function formalism
Y Guo, Z Zhang, M Bescond, S Xiong, M Nomura, S Volz
Physical Review B 103 (17), 174306, 2021
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