Petra Hermann
Petra Hermann
Brain Imaging Centre, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
E-mail megerősítve itt: ttk.mta.hu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Resting state fMRI functional connectivity analysis using dynamic time warping
RJ Meszlényi, P Hermann, K Buza, V Gál, Z Vidnyánszky
Frontiers in neuroscience 11, 75, 2017
Efficacy of weight loss intervention can be predicted based on early alterations of fMRI food cue reactivity in the striatum
P Hermann, V Gál, I Kóbor, CB Kirwan, P Kovács, T Kitka, Z Lengyel, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical 23, 101803, 2019
Repetition probability effects for inverted faces
M Grotheer, P Hermann, Z Vidnyánszky, G Kovács
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The contribution of surprise to the prediction based modulation of fMRI responses
C Amado, P Hermann, P Kovács, M Grotheer, Z Vidnyánszky, G Kovács
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Movement-related artefacts (MR-ART) dataset of matched motion-corrupted and clean structural MRI brain scans
Á Nárai, P Hermann, T Auer, P Kemenczky, J Szalma, I Homolya, ...
Scientific data 9 (1), 630, 2022
Transfer learning improves resting-state functional connectivity pattern analysis using convolutional neural networks
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The relationship between repetition suppression and face perception
P Hermann, M Grotheer, G Kovács, Z Vidnyánszky
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Neural basis of identity information extraction from noisy face images
P Hermann, ÉM Bankó, V Gál, Z Vidnyánszky
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Visual cortical responses to the input from the amblyopic eye are suppressed during binocular viewing
J Körtvélyes, É Bankó, A Andics, G Rudas, J Németh, P Hermann, ...
Acta Biologica Hungarica 63 (Supplement-1), 65-79, 2012
Face inversion reveals holistic processing of peripheral faces
P Kovács, B Knakker, P Hermann, G Kovács, Z Vidnyánszky
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Expectations about word stress modulate neural activity in speech-sensitive cortical areas
F Honbolygó, A Kóbor, P Hermann, ÁO Kettinger, Z Vidnyánszky, ...
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Reducing task-based fMRI scanning time using simultaneous multislice echo planar imaging
M Kiss, P Hermann, Z Vidnyánszky, V Gál
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Automatic brain MRI motion artifact detection based on end-to-end deep learning is similarly effective as traditional machine learning trained on image quality metrics
P Vakli, B Weiss, J Szalma, P Barsi, I Gyuricza, P Kemenczky, E Somogyi, ...
Medical Image Analysis 88, 102850, 2023
Effect of head motion-induced artefacts on the reliability of deep learning-based whole-brain segmentation
P Kemenczky, P Vakli, E Somogyi, I Homolya, P Hermann, V Gál, ...
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Neural basis of distractor resistance during visual working memory maintenance
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Repetition probability effects for inverted faces. NeuroImage, 102 (Part 2), 416–423
M Grotheer, P Hermann, Z Vidnyánszky, G Kovács
Predictability-dependent encoding of statistical regularities in the early visual cortex
A Kóbor, K Janacsek, P Hermann, Z Zavecz, V Varga, V Csépe, D Nemeth
PsyArXiv. January 12, 2022
An empirical investigation of the benefit of increasing the temporal resolution of task-evoked fMRI data with multi-band imaging
V Darányi, P Hermann, I Homolya, Z Vidnyánszky, Z Nagy
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Membrane-Based In Situ Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: A Study on the Membrane Affinity of Polylactide-co-glycolide Nanoparticulate Systems
A Romanenko, B Kalas, P Hermann, O Hakkel, L Illés, M Fried, P Fürjes, ...
Analytical Chemistry 93 (2), 981-991, 2020
Finding pattern in the noise: Persistent implicit statistical knowledge impacts the processing of unpredictable stimuli
A Kóbor, K Janacsek, P Hermann, Z Zavecz, V Varga, V Csépe, ...
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 36 (7), 1239-1264, 2024
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