Minghan Hu
Minghan Hu
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Hivatkozott rá
Elastic superhydrophobic and photocatalytic active films used as blood repellent dressing
J Liu, L Ye, Y Sun, M Hu, F Chen, S Wegner, V Mailänder, W Steffen, ...
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Fibrous Nanozyme Dressings with Catalase-Like Activity for H2O2 Reduction To Promote Wound Healing
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Shaping the assembly of superparamagnetic nanoparticles
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Monitoring crack appearance and healing in coatings with damage self-reporting nanocapsules
M Hu, S Peil, Y Xing, D Döhler, LC da Silva, WH Binder, M Kappl, ...
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Nanozymes in nanofibrous mats with haloperoxidase-like activity to combat biofouling
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The influence of different Tween surfactants on biodesulfurization of ground tire rubber by Sphingomonas sp.
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One-step preparation of fuel-containing anisotropic nanocapsules with stimuli-regulated propulsion
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Glass transition of disentangled and entangled polymer melts: Single-chain-nanoparticles approach
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Particle surface roughness as a design tool for colloidal systems
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Biodesulfurization of vulcanized rubber by enzymes induced from Gordonia amicalisa
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Half‐submerged cultivation method for the microbial desulfurization of waste latex rubber
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Sorting of heterogeneous colloids by AC-dielectrophoretic forces in a microfluidic chip with asymmetric orifices
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Multi-compartment supracapsules made from nano-containers towards programmable release
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The influence of Tween 20 concentration on biodesulfurization of ground tire rubber by Sphingomonas sp
X Cui, S Zhao, M Hu, C Li, B Wang
Yingyong Yu Huanjing Shengwu Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Applied …, 2015
Surface metal-EDTA coordination layer activates NixFe3-xO4 spinel as an outstanding electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
X Yan, WD Zhang, H Xu, B Liu, M Hu, J Liu, ZG Gu
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 632, 44-53, 2023
Hierarchical microspheres constructed by hexagonal NiCo (OH) 2 nanosheets with rich Ni3+ species and carboxylic groups for efficient urea oxidation reaction
L Xiang, WD Zhang, H Xu, M Hu, J Yang, J Liu, ZG Gu, X Yan
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 930, 167453, 2023
Assembling nano-objects with polymers: from hybrid nanoarchitecture to functional materials
M Hu
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 2018
Evaluation of Sphingomonas Desulfurization of SBR and NR Vulcanized Rubber
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