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Juvenile Paleoproterozoic crust evolution during the Eburnean orogeny (∼ 2.2–2.0 Ga), western Burkina Faso
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M Jessell
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MW Jessell
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J Ganne, V De Andrade, RF Weinberg, O Vidal, B Dubacq, N Kagambega, ...
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Revised Eburnean geodynamic evolution of the gold-rich southern Ashanti Belt, Ghana, with new field and geophysical evidence of pre-Tarkwaian deformations
S Perrouty, L Aillères, MW Jessell, L Baratoux, Y Bourassa, B Crawford
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Locating and quantifying geological uncertainty in three-dimensional models: Analysis of the Gippsland Basin, southeastern Australia
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A simulation of the temperature dependence of quartz fabrics
MW Jessell, GS Lister
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Asymmetric deformation in the backarc region of the Kuril arc, northwest Pacific: New insights from analogue modeling
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MW Jessell
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M Jessell, P Bons, L Evans, T Barr, K Stüwe
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Inferring geological structures using wavelet-based multiscale edge analysis and forward models
DJ Holden, NJ Archibald, F Boschetti, MW Jessell
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Bedding parallel veins and their relationship to folding
MW Jessell, CE Willman, DR Gray
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PD Bons, MW Jessell
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Next generation three-dimensional geologic modeling and inversion
M Jessell, L Aillères, E De Kemp, M Lindsay, JF Wellmann, M Hillier, ...
Society of Economic Geologists Special Publication 18 (18), 261-272, 2014
Petrological and geochronological constraints on lower crust exhumation during Paleoproterozoic (Eburnean) orogeny, NW Ghana, West African Craton
S Block, J Ganne, L Baratoux, A Zeh, LA Parra‐Avila, M Jessell, L Ailleres, ...
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MW Jessell
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Structural geophysics: integrated structural and geophysical modelling
MW Jessell, RK Valenta
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