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Alexander Handwerger
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‘You are HERE’: Connecting the dots with airborne lidar for geomorphic fieldwork
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Controls on the seasonal deformation of slow-moving landslides
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Beyond the angle of repose: A review and synthesis of landslide processes in response to rapid uplift, Eel River, Northern California
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A shift from drought to extreme rainfall drives a stable landslide to catastrophic failure
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Kinematics of earthflows in the Northern California Coast Ranges using satellite interferometry
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Historic drought puts the brakes on earthflows in Northern California
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Widespread initiation, reactivation, and acceleration of landslides in the northern California Coast Ranges due to extreme rainfall
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Life and death of slow-moving landslides
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Mobility, thickness, and hydraulic diffusivity of the slow‐moving Monroe landslide in California revealed by L‐band satellite radar interferometry
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Submarine landslides triggered by destabilization of high‐saturation hydrate anomalies
AL Handwerger, AW Rempel, RM Skarbek
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InSAR-based detection method for mapping and monitoring slow-moving landslides in remote regions with steep and mountainous terrain: An application to Nepal
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River channel width controls blocking by slow-moving landslides in California's Franciscan mélange
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A shift from drought to extreme rainfall drives a stable landslide to catastrophic failure, Sci. Rep., 9, 1569
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When image correlation is needed: Unravelling the complex dynamics of a slow-moving landslide in the tropics with dense radar and optical time series
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High-Resolution Soil-Moisture Maps Over Landslide Regions in Northern California Grassland Derived From SAR Backscattering Coefficients
TH Liao, SB Kim, AL Handwerger, EJ Fielding, MH Cosh, WH Schulz
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2021
Slow, fast, and post-collapse displacements of the Mud Creek landslide in California from UAVSAR and satellite SAR analysis
EJ Fielding, AL Handwerger, R Burgmann, Z Liu
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2017, NH42A-02, 2017
Rapid landslide identification using synthetic aperture radar amplitude change detection on the Google Earth Engine
AL Handwerger, SY Jones, MH Huang, P Amatya, HR Kerner, ...
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 1-24, 2020
Urban growth changes the pulse of a large deep-seated landslide
A Dille, O Dewitte, A Handwerger, D Derauw, N d'Oreye, E Monsieurs, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 17805, 2020
Combining Sentinel-1 and Ground-based SAR to retrieve landslide 3D displacement: application to Pas de l'Ours landslide, France
AL Handwerger, F Provost, JP Malet, J Point, C Hibert
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2018, NH13A-08, 2018
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