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Insights into the metabolism and microbial biotransformation of dietary flavan-3-ols and the bioactivity of their metabolites
M Monagas, M Urpi-Sarda, F Sánchez-Patán, R Llorach, I Garrido, ...
Food & function 1 (3), 233-253, 2010
Virgin olive oil and nuts as key foods of the Mediterranean diet effects on inflammatory biomarkers related to atherosclerosis
M Urpi-Sarda, R Casas, G Chiva-Blanch, ES Romero-Mamani, ...
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The effects of the mediterranean diet on biomarkers of vascular wall inflammation and plaque vulnerability in subjects with high risk for cardiovascular disease. A randomized trial
R Casas, E Sacanella, M Urpi-Sarda, G Chiva-Blanch, E Ros, ...
PloS one 9 (6), e100084, 2014
Flavanol and flavonol contents of cocoa powder products: influence of the manufacturing process
C Andres-Lacueva, M Monagas, N Khan, M Izquierdo-Pulido, ...
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Effect of cocoa powder on the modulation of inflammatory biomarkers in patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease
M Monagas, N Khan, C Andres-Lacueva, R Casas, M Urpi-Sarda, ...
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Epicatechin, procyanidins, and phenolic microbial metabolites after cocoa intake in humans and rats
M Urpi-Sarda, M Monagas, N Khan, RM Lamuela-Raventos, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 394 (6), 1545-1556, 2009
Effects of red wine polyphenols and alcohol on glucose metabolism and the lipid profile: a randomized clinical trial
G Chiva-Blanch, M Urpi-Sarda, E Ros, P Valderas-Martinez, R Casas, ...
Clinical nutrition 32 (2), 200-206, 2013
Databases on food phytochemicals and their health-promoting effects
A Scalbert, C Andres-Lacueva, M Arita, P Kroon, C Manach, M Urpi-Sarda, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 59 (9), 4331-4348, 2011
Differential effects of polyphenols and alcohol of red wine on the expression of adhesion molecules and inflammatory cytokines related to atherosclerosis: a randomized clinical …
G Chiva-Blanch, M Urpi-Sarda, R Llorach, M Rotches-Ribalta, M Guillen, ...
The American journal of clinical nutrition 95 (2), 326-334, 2012
Elevated circulating levels of succinate in human obesity are linked to specific gut microbiota
C Serena, V Ceperuelo-Mallafré, N Keiran, MI Queipo-Ortuño, R Bernal, ...
The ISME journal 12 (7), 1642-1657, 2018
Resveratrol levels and all-cause mortality in older community-dwelling adults
RD Semba, L Ferrucci, B Bartali, M Urpí-Sarda, R Zamora-Ros, K Sun, ...
JAMA internal medicine 174 (7), 1077-1084, 2014
Pharmacokinetics of resveratrol metabolic profile in healthy humans after moderate consumption of red wine and grape extract tablets
M Rotches-Ribalta, C Andres-Lacueva, R Estruch, E Escribano, ...
Pharmacological Research 66 (5), 375-382, 2012
Targeted metabolic profiling of phenolics in urine and plasma after regular consumption of cocoa by liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry
M Urpi-Sarda, M Monagas, N Khan, R Llorach, RM Lamuela-Raventós, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1216 (43), 7258-7267, 2009
Phenol-Explorer 2.0: a major update of the Phenol-Explorer database integrating data on polyphenol metabolism and pharmacokinetics in humans and experimental animals
JA Rothwell, M Urpi-Sarda, M Boto-Ordonez, C Knox, R Llorach, R Eisner, ...
Database 2012, 2012
Dealcoholized red wine decreases systolic and diastolic blood pressure and increases plasma nitric oxide
G Chiva-Blanch, M Urpi-Sarda, E Ros, S Arranz, P Valderas-Martínez, ...
Circulation research 111 (8), 1065-1068, 2012
Uptake of diet resveratrol into the human low-density lipoprotein. Identification and quantification of resveratrol metabolites by liquid chromatography coupled with tandem …
M Urpí-Sardà, O Jáuregui, RM Lamuela-Raventós, W Jaeger, M Miksits, ...
Analytical chemistry 77 (10), 3149-3155, 2005
An LC-MS-based metabolomics approach for exploring urinary metabolome modifications after cocoa consumption
R Llorach, M Urpi-Sarda, O Jauregui, M Monagas, C Andres-Lacueva
Journal of proteome research 8 (11), 5060-5068, 2009
Long-term immunomodulatory effects of a Mediterranean diet in adults at high risk of cardiovascular disease in the PREvención con DIeta MEDiterránea (PREDIMED) randomized …
R Casas, E Sacanella, M Urpí-Sardà, D Corella, O Castaner, ...
The Journal of nutrition 146 (9), 1684-1693, 2016
Regular consumption of cocoa powder with milk increases HDL cholesterol and reduces oxidized LDL levels in subjects at high-risk of cardiovascular disease
N Khan, M Monagas, C Andres-Lacueva, R Casas, M Urpí-Sardà, ...
Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases 22 (12), 1046-1053, 2012
Cocoa polyphenols and inflammatory markers of cardiovascular disease
N Khan, O Khymenets, M Urpí-Sardà, S Tulipani, M Garcia-Aloy, ...
Nutrients 6 (2), 844-880, 2014
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