Harry Farmer
Harry Farmer
Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Greenwich
E-mail megerősítve itt: gre.ac.uk - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Beyond the colour of my skin: How skin colour affects the sense of body-ownership
H Farmer, A Tajadura-Jiménez, M Tsakiris
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More of myself: Manipulating interoceptive awareness by heightened attention to bodily and narrative aspects of the self
V Ainley, L Maister, J Brokfeld, H Farmer, M Tsakiris
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National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic
JJ Van Bavel, A Cichocka, V Capraro, H Sjåstad, JB Nezlek, T Pavlović, ...
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Trust in me: Trustworthy others are seen as more physically similar to the self
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Change my body, change my mind: the effects of illusory ownership of an outgroup hand on implicit attitudes toward that outgroup
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Putting ourselves in another’s skin: using the plasticity of self-perception to enhance empathy and decrease prejudice
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Behind the curtain of the" ultimate empathy machine" on the composition of virtual reality nonfiction experiences
C Bevan, DP Green, H Farmer, M Rose, K Cater, D Stanton Fraser, ...
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Contingency and contiguity of imitative behaviour affect social affiliation
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nd ‘Ernest Newman as I saw him’
H Farmer
Unpublished typescript. Henry Farmer Collection, MS Farmer 44, 0
Status and power do not modulate automatic imitation of intransitive hand movements
H Farmer, EW Carr, M Svartdal, P Winkielman, AFC Hamilton
PloS one 11 (4), e0151835, 2016
The detached self: Investigating the effect of depersonalisation on self-bias in the visual remapping of touch
H Farmer, A Cataldo, N Adel, E Wignall, V Gallese, O Deroy, A Hamilton, ...
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Positive intergroup contact modulates fusiform gyrus activity to black and white faces
H Farmer, M Hewstone, O Spiegler, H Morse, A Saifullah, X Pan, B Fell, ...
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‘You wouldn’t get that from watching TV!’: Exploring audience responses to virtual reality non-fiction in the home
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Social and moral psychology of COVID-19 across 69 countries
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PsyArXiv, 2021
Reputation in an economic game modulates premotor cortex activity during action observation
H Farmer, M Apps, M Tsakiris
European Journal of Neuroscience 44 (5), 2191-2201, 2016
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