Corrado Camera
Corrado Camera
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Università degli Studi di Milano
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A high resolution map of soil types and physical properties for Cyprus: A digital soil mapping optimization
C Camera, Z Zomeni, JS Noller, AM Zissimos, IC Christoforou, ...
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Evaluation of interpolation techniques for the creation of gridded daily precipitation (1× 1 km2); Cyprus, 1980–2010
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The impact of a check dam on groundwater recharge and sedimentation in an ephemeral stream
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Community‐based rehabilitation of mountain terraces in Cyprus
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21st century projections of extreme precipitation indicators for Cyprus
G Zittis, A Bruggeman, C Camera
Atmosphere 11 (4), 343, 2020
Deciphering meteorological influencing factors for Alpine rockfalls: a case study in Aosta Valley
G Bajni, CAS Camera, T Apuani
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Introducing intense rainfall and snowmelt variables to implement a process-related non-stationary shallow landslide susceptibility analysis
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Nossana spring (northern Italy) under climate change: Projections of future discharge rates and water availability
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An agile and parsimonious approach to data management in groundwater science using open-source resources
G De Filippis, S Stevenazzi, C Camera, D Pedretti, M Masetti
Hydrogeology Journal 28 (6), 1993-2008, 2020
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