qiao lyu(吕桥)
qiao lyu(吕桥)
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Hivatkozott rá
A review of shale swelling by water adsorption
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A review of the current status of induced seismicity monitoring for hydraulic fracturing in unconventional tight oil and gas reservoirs
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Experimental investigation on the mechanical behaviours of a low-clay shale under water-based fluids
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Influence of Supercritical CO2 Exposure on CH4 and CO2 Adsorption Behaviors of Shale: Implications for CO2 Sequestration
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Experimental investigation of the global cavitation dynamic behavior in a venturi tube with special emphasis on the cavity length variation
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A laboratory study of geomechanical characteristics of black shales after sub-critical/super-critical CO2+ brine saturation
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Numerical investigation of the flow of supercritical carbon dioxide injected into the bottom hole during drilling with special emphasis on the real gas effects
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Implementation of design of experiment for structural optimization of annular jet pumps
Q Lyu, Z Xiao, Q Zeng, L Xiao, X Long
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The role of supercritical carbon dioxide for recovery of shale gas and sequestration in gas shale reservoirs
Q Lyu, J Tan, L Li, Y Ju, A Busch, DA Wood, PG Ranjith, R Middleton, ...
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Impact of the internal flow in a jet fish pump on the fish
X Long, M Xu, Q Lyu, J Zou
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Effects of testing method, lithology and fluid-rock interactions on shale permeability: a review of laboratory measurements
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Stress–strain modeling and brittleness variations of low-clay shales with CO2/CO2-water imbibition
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Multi-fractal analysis for the AE energy dissipation of CO2 and CO2+ brine/water treated low-clay shales under uniaxial compressive tests
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Fuel 246, 330-339, 2019
Mechanical characterization of low permeable siltstone under different reservoir saturation conditions: An experimental study
A Wanniarachchi, R Pathegama Gamage, Q Lyu, S Perera, ...
Energies 12 (1), 14, 2018
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