Mercè Corbella
Mercè Corbella
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Hydrothermal mixing, carbonate dissolution and sulfide precipitation in Mississippi Valley-type deposits
M Corbella, C Ayora, E Cardellach
Mineralium Deposita 39 (3), 344-357, 2004
Metal mobilization from base-metal smelting slag dumps in Sierra Almagrera (Almería, Spain)
A Navarro, E Cardellach, JL Mendoza, M Corbella, LM Domenech
Applied Geochemistry 23 (4), 895-913, 2008
Nb-Ta minerals at the Cap de Creus pegmatites field, Eastern Pyrenees: distribution and geochemical trends
JCM P. Alfonso, M. Corbella
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L Daniele, Á Vallejos, M Corbella, L Molina, A Pulido-Bosch
Applied Geochemistry 29, 43-54, 2013
Variability in fluid sources in the fluorite deposits from Asturias (N Spain): Further evidences from REE, radiogenic (Sr, Sm, Nd) and stable (S, C, O) isotope data
V Sánchez, E Cardellach, M Corbella, E Vindel, T Martín-Crespo, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 37 (2), 87-100, 2010
Fault-controlled and stratabound dolostones in the Late Aptian–earliest Albian Benassal Formation (Maestrat Basin, E Spain): Petrology and geochemistry constrains
JD Martín-Martín, A Travé, E Gomez-Rivas, R Salas, JP Sizun, J Vergés, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 65, 83-102, 2015
Reactivity of dolomitizing fluids and Mg source evaluation of fault-controlled dolomitization at the Benicàssim outcrop analogue (Maestrat Basin, E Spain)
E Gomez-Rivas, M Corbella, JD Martín-Martín, SL Stafford, A Teixell, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 55, 26-42, 2014
The Upper Aptian to Lower Albian syn-rift carbonate succession of the southern Maestrat Basin (Spain): Facies architecture and fault-controlled stratabound dolostones
JD Martín-Martín, E Gomez-Rivas, T Bover-Arnal, A Travé, R Salas, ...
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Immobilization of Cu, Pb and Zn in mine-contaminated soils using reactive materials
A Navarro, E Cardellach, M Corbella
Journal of Hazardous Materials 186 (2-3), 1576-1585, 2011
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A Navarro, E Cardellach, M Corbella
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M Corbella, E Gomez-Rivas, JD Martín-Martín, SL Stafford, A Teixell, ...
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M Corbella, C Ayora
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P Muchez, M Corbella
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Geology of the Cerro Quema Au-Cu deposit (Azuero Peninsula, Panama)
I Corral, A Griera, D Gómez-Gras, M Corbella, ÀC i Sabaté, MP Falconett, ...
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Phytoavailability of antimony and heavy metals in arid regions: the case of the Wadley Sb district (San Luis, Potosí, Mexico)
G Levresse, G Lopez, J Tritlla, EC López, AC Chavez, EM Salvador, ...
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Dissolution of deep carbonate rocks by fluid mixing: a discussion based on reactive transport modeling
M Corbella, C Ayora, E Cardellach
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 78, 211-214, 2003
Hydrogeochemical processes in the vicinity of a desalination plant (Cabo de Gata, SE Spain)
L Daniele, A Vallejos, F Sola, M Corbella, A Pulido-Bosch
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Sedimentation and volcanism in the Panamanian Cretaceous intra-oceanic arc and fore-arc: New insights from the Azuero peninsula (SW Panama)
I Corral, D Gómez-Gras, A Griera, M Corbella, E Cardellach
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Dedolomitization and reservoir quality: Insights from reactive transport modelling
LC Escorcia, E Gomez‐Rivas, L Daniele, M Corbella
Geofluids 13 (2), 221-231, 2013
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