David Collins
David Collins
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The effect of chromium and cobalt segregation at dislocations on nickel-based superalloys
P Kontis, Z Li, DM Collins, J Cormier, D Raabe, B Gault
Scripta Materialia 145, 76-80, 2018
A modelling approach to yield strength optimisation in a nickel-base superalloy
DM Collins, HJ Stone
International Journal of Plasticity 54, 96-112, 2014
Environmentally-assisted grain boundary attack as a mechanism of embrittlement in a nickel-based superalloy
AAN Németh, DJ Crudden, DEJ Armstrong, DM Collins, K Li, AJ Wilkinson, CRM ...
Acta Materialia 126, 361–371, 2017
On the microtwinning mechanism in a single crystal superalloy
D Barba, E Alabort, S Pedrazzini, DM Collins, AJ Wilkinson, PAJ Bagot, ...
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Crystal plasticity and high-resolution electron backscatter diffraction analysis of full-field polycrystal Ni superalloy strains and rotations under thermal loading
T Zhang, DM Collins, FPE Dunne, BA Shollock
Acta Materialia 80, 25-38, 2014
Measurements of stress fields near a grain boundary: Exploring blocked arrays of dislocations in 3D
Y Guo, DM Collins, E Tarleton, F Hofmann, J Tischler, W Liu, R Xu, ...
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On the role of boron on improving ductility in a new polycrystalline superalloy
P Kontis, E Alabort, D Barba, DM Collins, AJ Wilkinson, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 124, 489-500, 2017
Yield behavior beneath hardness indentations in ductile metals, measured by three-dimensional computed X-ray tomography and digital volume correlation
M Mostafavi, DM Collins, B Cai, R Bradley, RC Atwood, C Reinhard, ...
Acta Materialia 82, 468-482, 2015
Lattice misfit during ageing of a polycrystalline nickel-base superalloy
DM Collins, L Yan, EA Marquis, LD Connor, JJ Ciardiello, AD Evans, ...
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DM Collins, BD Conduit, HJ Stone, MC Hardy, GJ Conduit, RJ Mitchell
Acta Materialia 61 (9), 3378-3391, 2013
Microstructural degradation of polycrystalline superalloys from oxidized carbides and implications on crack initiation
P Kontis, DM Collins, AJ Wilkinson, RC Reed, D Raabe, B Gault
Scripta Materialia 147, 59-63, 2018
In situ measurement of the strains within a mechanically loaded polygranular graphite
TJ Marrow, D Liu, SM Barhli, LS Mora, Y Vertyagina, DM Collins, ...
Carbon 96, 285-302, 2016
A synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of in situ biaxial deformation
DM Collins, M Mostafavi, RI Todd, T Connolley, AJ Wilkinson
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An analytical method to extract irradiation hardening from nanoindentation hardness-depth curves
A Kareer, A Prasitthipayong, D Krumwiede, DM Collins, P Hosemann, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 498, 274-281, 2018
Strengthening mechanisms in an Al-Fe-Cr-Ti nano-quasicrystalline alloy and composites
S Pedrazzini, M Galano, F Audebert, DM Collins, F Hofmann, B Abbey, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 2016
Time-resolved synchrotron diffractometry of phase transformations in high strength nickel-based superalloys
DM Collins, DJ Crudden, E Alabort, T Connolley, RC Reed
Acta Materialia 94, 244-256, 2015
Dislocation density distribution at slip band-grain boundary intersections
Y Guo, DM Collins, E Tarleton, F Hofmann, AJ Wilkinson, TB Britton
Acta Materialia 182, 172-183, 2020
Measurement of probability distributions for internal stresses in dislocated crystals
AJ Wilkinson, E Tarleton, A Vilalta-Clemente, J Jiang, TB Britton, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (18), 181907, 2014
A synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of non-proportional strain-path effects
DM Collins, T Erinosho, FPE Dunne, RI Todd, T Connolley, M Mostafavi, ...
Acta Materialia 124, 290-304, 2017
Indexing electron backscatter diffraction patterns with a refined template matching approach
A Foden, DM Collins, AJ Wilkinson, TB Britton
Ultramicroscopy 207, 112845, 2019
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