Dan Ricinschi
Dan Ricinschi
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Hivatkozott rá
Giant ferroelectric polarization beyond 150 µC/cm2 in BiFeO3 thin film
KY Yun, D Ricinschi, T Kanashima, M Noda, M Okuyama
Japanese journal of applied physics 43 (5A), L647, 2004
A mechanism for the 150 µC cm− 2 polarization of BiFeO3 films based on first-principles calculations and new structural data
D Ricinschi, KY Yun, M Okuyama
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 18 (6), L97, 2006
Enhancement of electrical properties in polycrystalline BiFeO3 thin films
KY Yun, D Ricinschi, T Kanashima, M Okuyama
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D Ricinschi, C Harnagea, C Papusoi, L Mitoseriu, V Tura, M Okuyama
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First-order reversal curves diagrams for the characterization of ferroelectric switching
A Stancu, D Ricinschi, L Mitoseriu, P Postolache, M Okuyama
Applied Physics Letters 83 (18), 3767-3769, 2003
Density functional theory and experimental study of the electronic structure and transport properties of La, V, Nb, and Ta doped SrTiO3
JD Baniecki, M Ishii, H Aso, K Kurihara, D Ricinschi
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Grain size dependence of switching properties of ferroelectric BaTiO3 ceramics
L Mitoseriu, D Ricinschi, C Harnagea, M Okuyama, T Tsukamoto, ...
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Ferroelectric–relaxor crossover characteristics in Ba (ZrxTi1− x) O3 ceramics investigated by AFM-piezoresponse study
D Ricinschi, CE Ciomaga, L Mitoseriu, V Buscaglia, M Okuyama
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 30 (2), 237-241, 2010
Landau theory-based analysis of grain-size dependence of ferroelectric-to-paraelectric phase transition and its thermal hysteresis in barium titanate ceramics
D Ricinschi, V Tura, L Mitoseriu, M Okuyama
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 11 (6), 1601, 1999
Preparation and characterisation of PZT films by RF-magnetron sputtering
R Frunza, D Ricinschi, F Gheorghiu, R Apetrei, D Luca, L Mitoseriu, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 509 (21), 6242-6246, 2011
Relationships between macroscopic polarization hysteresis and local piezoresponse of fatigued films within a Landau theory-based lattice model
D Ricinschi, M Okuyama
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Improved retention characteristics of metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor structure using a post-oxygen-annealing treatment
K Kodama, M Takahashi, D Ricinschi, AI Lerescu, M Noda, M Okuyama
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Strain Dependent Electronic Structure and Band Offset Tuning at Heterointerfaces of ASnO3 (A=Ca, Sr, and Ba) and SrTiO3
JD Baniecki, T Yamazaki, D Ricinschi, Q Van Overmeere, H Aso, Y Miyata, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 41725, 2017
Ferroelectric and magnetic properties of multiferroic BiFeO {sub 3} thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
K Yun, D Ricinschi, M Noda, M Okuyama, S Nasu
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Ferroelectric and structural properties of stress-constrained and stress-relaxed polycrystalline BiFeO3 thin films
S Nakashima, D Ricinschi, JM Park, T Kanashima, H Fujisawa, M Shimizu, ...
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Simulation of switching properties of ferroelectrics on the basis of dipole lattice model
V Tura, D Ricinschi, L Mitoseriu, C Harnagea, S Ando, T Tsukamoto, ...
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Field-dependent switching kinetics and ferroelectric hysteresis loops analyzed with a phenomenological model in relation to typical experiments
D Ricinschi, M Okuyama
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Analysis of the switching characteristics of PZT films by first order reversal curve diagrams
D Ricinschi, L Mitoseriu, A Stancu, P Postolache, M Okuyama
Integrated Ferroelectrics 67 (1), 103-115, 2004
Analysis of switching in perovskite ferroelectrics on the tetragonal side of the morphotropic phase boundary using a Landau-theory-based lattice model with polarization vector …
D Ricinschi, Y Ishibashi, M Iwata, M Okuyama
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 40 (8R), 4990, 2001
Enhanced Stability and Thickness‐Independent Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis of Heterostructured Anodes with Buried Epitaxial Bilayers
JD Baniecki, H Yamaguchi, C Harnagea, D Ricinschi, Z Gu, JE Spanier, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (28), 1803846, 2019
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