Lucian Cristian Pop
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
The photocatalytic activity of TiO2/WO3/noble metal (Au or Pt) nanoarchitectures obtained by selective photodeposition
É Karácsonyi, L Baia, A Dombi, V Danciu, K Mogyorósi, LC Pop, ...
Catalysis today 208, 19-27, 2013
Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production by water splitting using BiVO4 photoanodes
O Monfort, LC Pop, S Sfaelou, T Plecenik, T Roch, V Dracopoulos, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 286, 91-97, 2016
Mesoporous WO3 photoanodes for hydrogen production by water splitting and PhotoFuelCell operation
S Sfaelou, LC Pop, O Monfort, V Dracopoulos, P Lianos
international journal of hydrogen energy 41 (14), 5902-5907, 2016
IR, Raman and SERS analysis of amikacin combined with DFT-based calculations
C Balan, LC Pop, M Baia
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 214, 79-85, 2019
Strategies for improving bioavailability, bioactivity, and physical-chemical behavior of curcumin
LZ Racz, CP Racz, LC Pop, G Tomoaia, A Mocanu, I Barbu, M Sárközi, ...
Molecules 27 (20), 6854, 2022
Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production using nitrogen containing water soluble wastes
LC Pop, I Tantis, P Lianos
International journal of hydrogen energy 40 (26), 8304-8310, 2015
Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production using nanoparticulate titania and a novel Pt/Carbon electrocatalyst: The concept of the “Photoelectrocatalytic Leaf”
LC Pop, V Dracopoulos, P Lianos
Applied Surface Science 333, 147-151, 2015
One-step electrodeposition of CdSe on nanoparticulate titania films and their use as sensitized photoanodes for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
LC Pop, L Sygellou, V Dracopoulos, KS Andrikopoulos, S Sfaelou, ...
Catalysis Today 252, 157-161, 2015
Cation adsorption by mesoporous titania photoanodes and its effect on the current-voltage characteristics of photoelectrochemical cells
LC Pop, S Sfaelou, P Lianos
Electrochimica Acta 156, 223-227, 2015
TiO2/WO3/Au/MWCNT composite materials for photocatalytic hydrogen production: Advantages and draw‐backs
Z Pap, E Karacsonyi, L Baia, LC Pop, V Danciu, K Hernádi, K Mogyorósi, ...
physica status solidi (b) 249 (12), 2592-2595, 2012
Serendipitous reactions involving a silicone grease
LC Pop, M Saito
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 314, 64-70, 2016
Optical properties of composites based on graphene oxide and polystyrene
M Stroe, M Cristea, E Matei, A Galatanu, LC Cotet, LC Pop, M Baia, ...
Molecules 25 (10), 2419, 2020
Synthesis and structures of monomeric group 14 triols and their reactivity
LC Pop, N Kurokawa, H Ebata, K Tomizawa, T Tajima, M Ikeda, ...
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 92 (6), 542-548, 2014
Impact of the structural properties of holmium doped ZnO thin films grown by sol–gel method on their optical properties
M Popa, LC Pop, G Schmerber, C Bouillet, O Ersen
Applied Surface Science 562, 150159, 2021
Preparation and characterization of carbon xerogel based composites for electrochemical sensing and photocatalytic degradation
CI Fort, MM Rusu, LC Pop, LC Cotet, A Vulpoi, M Baia, L Baia
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 21 (4), 2323-2333, 2021
Synthesis and structures of sterically encumbered group 14 monolithio compounds and unexpected differences in their reactivity
LC Pop, N Kurokawa, H Ebata, K Tomizawa, T Tajima, M Saito
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2017 (43), 4969-4975, 2017
Relativistic calculations of aminotroponiminate complexes containing group 15 (P, As, Sb, Bi) elements
LC Pop, DML Carey, A Muñoz-Castro, L Silaghi-Dumitrescu, A Castel, ...
Polyhedron 30 (5), 841-845, 2011
α-MoO3 with inhibitive properties in Fenton reactions and insights on its general impact on OH radical based advanced oxidation processes
EZ Kedves, C Fodor, Á Fazekas, I Székely, Á Szamosvölgyi, A Sápi, ...
Applied Surface Science 624, 156914, 2023
Remineralization Induced by Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite Toothpastes on Human Enamel
AD Florea, LC Pop, HRC Benea, G Tomoaia, CP Racz, A Mocanu, ...
Biomimetics 8 (6), 450, 2023
Curcumin and whey protein binding and structural characteristics of their complex evidenced by atomic force microscopy.
LZ Racz, GA Paltinean, I Petean, G Tomoaia, LC Pop, G Arghir, E Levei, ...
Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Chemia 67 (3), 2022
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