Babak Shotorban
Babak Shotorban
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Modeling subgrid-scale effects on particles by approximate deconvolution
B Shotorban, F Mashayek
Physics of Fluids 17, 081701, 2005
A stochastic model for particle motion in large-eddy simulation
B Shotorban, F Mashayek
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Coalescence collision of liquid drops
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Uncertainty Quantification of Turbulence Model Coefficients via Latin Hypercube Sampling Method
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A numerical investigation of the influence of radiation and moisture content on pyrolysis and ignition of a leaf-like fuel element
BL Yashwanth, B Shotorban, S Mahalingam, CW Lautenberger, ...
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The Role of Moisture on Combustion of Pyrolysis Gases in Wildland Fires
SC Ferguson, A Dahale, B Shotorban, S Mahalingam, DR Weise
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Improvement of particle concentration prediction in large-eddy simulation by defiltering
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Modeling of water evaporation from a shrinking moist biomass slab subject to heating: Arrhenius approach versus equilibrium approach
P Rahimi Borujerdi, B Shotorban, S Mahalingam, DR Weise
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An investigation of pyrolysis and ignition of moist leaf-like fuel subject to convective heating
B Shotorban, BL Yashwanth, S Mahalingam, DJ Haring
Combustion and Flame 190, 25-35, 2018
Nonstationary stochastic charge fluctuations of a dust particle in plasmas
B Shotorban
Physical Review E 83 (6), 066403, 2011
Cosmic Dust Aggregation with Stochastic Charging
LS Matthews, B Shotorban, TW Hyde
The Astrophysical Journal 776 (2), 103, 2013
Two-fluid approach for direct numerical simulation of particle-laden turbulent flows at small Stokes numbers
B Shotorban, S Balachandar
Physical Review E 79 (5), 056703, 2009
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