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dongshi zhang
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Laser synthesis and processing of colloids: fundamentals and applications
D Zhang, B Gokce, S Barcikowski
Chemical reviews 117 (5), 3990-4103, 2017
Bioinspired wetting surface via laser microfabrication
F Chen, D Zhang, Q Yang, J Yong, G Du, J Si, F Yun, X Hou
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (15), 6777-6792, 2013
A simple way to achieve superhydrophobicity, controllable water adhesion, anisotropic sliding, and anisotropic wetting based on femtosecond-laser-induced line-patterned surfaces
J Yong, Q Yang, F Chen, D Zhang, U Farooq, G Du, X Hou
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (15), 5499-5507, 2014
Bioinspired underwater superoleophobic surface with ultralow oil-adhesion achieved by femtosecond laser microfabrication
J Yong, F Chen, Q Yang, D Zhang, U Farooq, G Du, X Hou
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (23), 8790-8795, 2014
Femtosecond laser weaving superhydrophobic patterned PDMS surfaces with tunable adhesion
J Yong, F Chen, Q Yang, D Zhang, G Du, J Si, F Yun, X Hou
The journal of physical chemistry C 117 (47), 24907-24912, 2013
A simple way to achieve pattern-dependent tunable adhesion in superhydrophobic surfaces by a femtosecond laser
D Zhang, F Chen, Q Yang, J Yong, H Bian, Y Ou, J Si, X Meng, X Hou
ACS applied materials & interfaces 4 (9), 4905-4912, 2012
Rapid fabrication of large-area concave microlens arrays on PDMS by a femtosecond laser
J Yong, F Chen, Q Yang, G Du, H Bian, D Zhang, J Si, F Yun, X Hou
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 5 (19), 9382-9385, 2013
Controllable adhesive superhydrophobic surfaces based on PDMS microwell arrays
J Yong, F Chen, Q Yang, D Zhang, H Bian, G Du, J Si, X Meng, X Hou
Langmuir 29 (10), 3274-3279, 2013
Anisotropic wetting on microstrips surface fabricated by femtosecond laser
F Chen, D Zhang, Q Yang, X Wang, B Dai, X Li, X Hao, Y Ding, J Si, ...
Langmuir 27 (1), 359-365, 2011
Recent Advances in Surfactant‐Free, Surface Charged and Defect‐Rich Catalysts Developed by Laser Ablation and Processing in Liquids
D Zhang, J Liu, P Li, C Liang
ChemNanoMat 3, DOI: 10.1002/cnma.201700079, 2017
Carbon-encapsulated metal/metal carbide/metal oxide core–shell nanostructures generated by laser ablation of metals in organic solvents
D Zhang, C Zhang, J Liu, Q Chen, X Zhu, C Liang
ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (1), 28-39, 2018
Hierarchical microstructures with high spatial frequency laser induced periodic surface structures possessing different orientations created by femtosecond laser ablation of …
D Zhang, K Sugioka
Opto-Electronic Advances 2 (3), 190002, 2019
Superhydrophobic PDMS surfaces with three-dimensional (3D) pattern-dependent controllable adhesion
J Yong, Q Yang, F Chen, D Zhang, G Du, H Bian, J Si, F Yun, X Hou
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Laser ablation in liquids for nanomaterial synthesis: diversities of targets and liquids
D Zhang, Z Li, K Sugioka
Journal of Physics: Photonics 3 (4), 042002, 2021
Debris-free rear-side picosecond laser ablation of thin germanium wafers in water with ethanol
D Zhang, B Gökce, S Sommer, R Streubel, S Barcikowski
Applied Surface Science 367, 222-230, 2016
Stable superhydrophobic surface with hierarchical mesh-porous structure fabricated by a femtosecond laser
J Yong, Q Yang, F Chen, D Zhang, H Bian, Y Ou, J Si, G Du, X Hou
Applied Physics A 111, 243-249, 2013
Hierarchical anti-reflective laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSSs) on amorphous Si films for sensing applications
A Dostovalov, K Bronnikov, V Korolkov, S Babin, E Mitsai, A Mironenko, ...
Nanoscale 12 (25), 13431-13441, 2020
Perspective on how laser-ablated particles grow in liquids
DS Zhang, J Liu, CH Liang
Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy 60, 1-16, 2017
Perspective of laser-prototyping nanoparticle-polymer composites
D Zhang, B Gökce
Applied Surface Science 392, 991-1003, 2017
Underwater persistent bubble-assisted femtosecond laser ablation for hierarchical micro/nanostructuring
D Zhang, B Ranjan, T Tanaka, K Sugioka
International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing 2 (1), 015001, 2020
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