Pierre-Erik Isabelle
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Increasing contribution of peatlands to boreal evapotranspiration in a warming climate
M Helbig, JM Waddington, P Alekseychik, BD Amiro, M Aurela, AG Barr, ...
Nature Climate Change 10 (6), 555-560, 2020
The biophysical climate mitigation potential of boreal peatlands during the growing season
M Helbig, JM Waddington, P Alekseychik, B Amiro, M Aurela, AG Barr, ...
Environmental Research Letters 15 (10), 104004, 2020
Solar radiation transmittance of a boreal balsam fir canopy: Spatiotemporal variability and impacts on growing season hydrology
PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, MH Asselin, R Harvey, KN Musselman, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 263, 1-14, 2018
Impacts of high precipitation on the energy and water budgets of a humid boreal forest
PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, F Anctil, AN Rousseau, S Jutras, B Music
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 280, 107813, 2020
The dynamics of transpiration to evapotranspiration ratio under wet and dry canopy conditions in a humid boreal forest
B Hadiwijaya, S Pepin, PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau
Forests 11 (2), 237, 2020
Development of VFDM: a riparian vegetated filter dimensioning model for agricultural watersheds
SJ Gumiere, AN Rousseau, DW Hallema, PE Isabelle
Canadian water resources journal 38 (3), 169-184, 2013
Application and evaluation of a two-wavelength scintillometry system for operation in a complex shallow boreal-forested valley
PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, AO Perelet, ER Pardyjak, AN Rousseau, F Anctil
Boundary-Layer Meteorology 174 (3), 341-370, 2020
Observations of canopy storage capacity and wet canopy evaporation in a humid boreal forest
B Hadiwijaya, PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, S Pepin
Hydrological Processes 35 (2), e14021, 2021
Water budget, performance of evapotranspiration formulations, and their impact on hydrological modeling of a small boreal peatland-dominated watershed
PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, AN Rousseau, F Anctil
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 55 (2), 206-220, 2018
Applicability of the bulk-transfer approach to estimate evapotranspiration from boreal peatlands
PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, AN Rousseau, C Coursolle, HA Margolis
Journal of Hydrometeorology 16 (4), 1521-1539, 2015
Simplification de l’estimation des taux d’évapotranspiration sur les tourbières boréales par la quasi-neutralité de l’atmosphère
PE Isabelle
Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (Canada), 2014
Sensitivity analysis of the maximum entropy production method to model evaporation in boreal and temperate forests
PE Isabelle, L Viens, DF Nadeau, F Anctil, J Wang, A Maheu
Geophysical Research Letters 48 (13), e2020GL091919, 2021
Can a physically-based land surface model accurately represent evapotranspiration partitioning? A case study in a humid boreal forest
B Hadiwijaya, PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, S Pepin
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 304, 108410, 2021
Estimating sensible and latent heat fluxes over an inland water body using optical and microwave scintillometers
A Pierre, PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, A Thiboult, A Perelet, AN Rousseau, ...
Boundary-Layer Meteorology 185 (2), 277-308, 2022
Characteristic Time Scales of Reservoir Evaporation in a Subarctic Climate
A Pierre, D Nadeau, A Thiboult, AN Rousseau, A Tremblay, P Isabelle, ...
Peatland-dominated boreal ecoregions at risk of drying in a warmer climate
M Helbig, JM Waddington, P Alekseychik, BD Amiro, M Aurela, A Barr, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, B22D-03, 2019
Near-Neutral Atmospheric Conditions over Boreal Wetlands Improve the Estimation of Daily Evapotranspiration in Remote Areas
PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, AN Rousseau, C Coursolle, HA Margolis
World Weather Open Science Conference, 16-21, 2014
Water and Energy Exchanges over a Subarctic Bog in Northern Quebec, Canada
P Isabelle, DF Nadeau, AN Rousseau
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2013, H21C-1056, 2013
Comparaison des calculs de la largeur optimale d'une bande reveraine par une approche mécaniste pour une division en sous-bassins et en versants.
PE Isabelle, SJ Gumiere, AN Rousseau
INRS - Centre Eau Terre Environnement, 2011
An Analysis of the Thermal Regime and Energy Balance of a Subarctic Hydroelectric Reservoir Using Direct Measurements of Surface and Lateral Exchanges
A Pierre, D Nadeau, A Thiboult, AN Rousseau, F Anctil, C Deblois, ...
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