Raphael Cohen
Raphael Cohen
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Hivatkozott rá
Multi-label classification of patient notes: case study on ICD code assignment
T Baumel, J Nassour-Kassis, R Cohen, M Elhadad, N Elhadad
Workshops at the thirty-second AAAI conference on artificial intelligence, 2018
Redundancy in electronic health record corpora: analysis, impact on text mining performance and mitigation strategies
R Cohen, M Elhadad, N Elhadad
BMC bioinformatics 14, 1-15, 2013
Longevity network: construction and implications
A Budovsky, A Abramovich, R Cohen, V Chalifa-Caspi, V Fraifeld
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Redefining meaningful age groups in the context of disease
N Geifman, R Cohen, E Rubin
Age 35, 2357-2366, 2013
Redundancy-aware topic modeling for patient record notes
R Cohen, I Aviram, M Elhadad, N Elhadad
PloS one 9 (2), e87555, 2014
Topic concentration in query focused summarization datasets
T Baumel, R Cohen, M Elhadad
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 30 (1), 2016
Syndrome to gene (S2G): in‐silico identification of candidate genes for human diseases
A Gefen, R Cohen, OS Birk
Human Mutation 31 (3), 229-236, 2010
Shrinking bigfoot: Reducing wav2vec 2.0 footprint
Z Peng, A Budhkar, I Tuil, J Levy, P Sobhani, R Cohen, J Nassour
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.15760, 2021
Estimating the efficiency of fish cross-species cDNA microarray hybridization
R Cohen, V Chalifa-Caspi, TD Williams, M Auslander, SG George, ...
Marine biotechnology 9, 491-499, 2007
Query-chain focused summarization
T Baumel, R Cohen, M Elhadad
Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational …, 2014
CHILD: a new tool for detecting low-abundance insertions and deletions in standard sequence traces
I Zhidkov, R Cohen, N Geifman, D Mishmar, E Rubin
Nucleic Acids Research 39 (7), e47, 2011
CSI-OMIM-Clinical synopsis search in OMIM
R Cohen, A Gefen, M Elhadad, OS Birk
BMC bioinformatics 12, 1-10, 2011
Automatic speaker identification in calls using multiple speaker-identification parameters
R Cohen, E Volk, R Levy, MY Breakstone, O Keller, I Tuil, A Ashkenazi
US Patent 11,417,343, 2022
Analysis of free online physician advice services
R Cohen, M Elhadad, O Birk
PloS one 8 (3), e59963, 2013
Domain adaptation of a dependency parser with a class-class selectional preference model
R Cohen, Y Goldberg, M Elhadad
Proceedings of ACL 2012 Student Research Workshop, 43-48, 2012
Automatic speaker identification in calls
R Cohen, E Volk, R Levy, MY Breakstone
US Patent 10,637,898, 2020
Cluster labeling system for documents comprising unstructured text data
R Cohen, A Grubshtein, AJ Crowley, PR Elliot
US Patent 9,672,279, 2017
Topic model based clustering of text data with machine learning utilizing interface feedback
R Cohen, AJ Grubshtein, O Masad
US Patent 10,803,399, 2020
A framework for optimizing COVID-19 testing policy using a Multi Armed Bandit approach
H Grushka-Cohen, R Cohen, B Shapira, J Moran-Gilad, L Rokach
https://arxiv.org/abs/2007.14805, 2020
Automated content inference system for unstructured text data
R Cohen, A Grubshtein, AJ Crowley, PR Elliot
US Patent 9,378,200, 2016
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