Gaurav Chauhan
Gaurav Chauhan
Research Professor, Tecnológico de Monterrey
E-mail megerősítve itt: tec.mx
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Hivatkozott rá
Nanotechnology for COVID-19: therapeutics and vaccine research
G Chauhan, MJ Madou, S Kalra, V Chopra, D Ghosh, SO Martinez-Chapa
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Collagen nanofiber containing silver nanoparticles for improved wound-healing applications
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Development and characterization of niosomal gel for topical delivery of benzoyl peroxide
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Development and characterization of cefazolin loaded zinc oxide nanoparticles composite gelatin nanofiber mats for postoperative surgical wounds
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Carbon-Based Nanomaterials: Promising Antiviral Agents to Combat COVID-19 in the Microbial-Resistant Era
Á Serrano-Aroca, K Takayama, A Tuñón-Molina, M Seyran, SS Hassan, ...
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“Gold nanoparticles composite-folic acid conjugated graphene oxide nanohybrids” for targeted chemo-thermal cancer ablation: in vitro screening and in vivo studies
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Is highly expressed ACE 2 in pregnant women “a curse” in times of COVID-19 pandemic?
A Dhaundiyal, P Kumari, SS Jawalekar, G Chauhan, S Kalra, U Navik
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Efaverinz and nano-gold-loaded mannosylated niosomes: a host cell-targeted topical HIV-1 prophylaxis via thermogel system
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(Copper–curcumin) β-cyclodextrin vaginal gel: delivering a novel metal–herbal approach for the development of topical contraception prophylaxis
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Non-invasive systemic drug delivery through mucosal routes
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Fabrication and characterization of cefazolin-loaded nanofibrous mats for the recovery of post-surgical wound
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In-vitro anti-viral screening and cytotoxicity evaluation of copper-curcumin complex
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Nano-systems for advanced therapeutics and diagnosis of atherosclerosis
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Albumin stabilized silver nanoparticles–clotrimazole β-cyclodextrin hybrid nanocomposite for enriched anti-fungal activity in normal and drug resistant Candida cells
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A perspective on potential target proteins of COVID-19: Comparison with SARS-CoV for designing new small molecules
D Kumar, G Chauhan, S Kalra, B Kumar, MS Gill
Bioorganic chemistry 104, 104326, 2020
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