Gleb Colibaba
Gleb Colibaba
Moldova State University
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Hivatkozott rá
Quasi-ordered networks of metal nanotubes embedded in semiconductor matrices for photonic applications
IM Tiginyanu, VV Ursaki, E Monaico, M Enachi, VV Sergentu, G Colibaba, ...
Journal of nanoelectronics and optoelectronics 6 (4), 463-472, 2011
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DDN G Irmer, E Monaico, IM Tiginyanu, G Cärtner, VV Ursaki, GV Kolibaba
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G Colibaba, M Caraman, I Evtodiev, S Evtodiev, E Goncearenco, ...
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Porosification of III–V and II–VI semiconductor compounds
E Monaico, G Colibaba, D Nedeoglo, K Nielsch
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GV Colibaba
Ceramics International 45 (13), 15843-15848, 2019
Growth of ZnCdS single crystals and prospects of their application as nanoporous structures
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GV Colibaba
Solid State Sciences 56, 1-9, 2016
Halide-hydrogen vapor transport for growth of ZnO single crystals with controllable electrical parameters
GV Colibaba
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 43, 75-81, 2016
Ultrasonic exploration of vacancy centres with the Jahn–Teller effect. Application to the ZnSe crystal
NS Averkiev, IB Bersuker, VV Gudkov, KA Baryshnikov, GV Colibaba, ...
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GV Colibaba
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GV Colibaba
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Localization of nonequilibrium current carriers close to Cr ions in ZnSe: Cr single crystals
GV Colibaba, DD Nedeoglo
Journal of luminescence 129 (7), 661-667, 2009
Growth technology of ZnSe single crystals having a low density of dislocation
GV Colibaba
Mold. J. Phys. Sci 7, 26-31, 2008
Electrical properties of ZnSe crystals doped with transition metals
AN Avdonin, GV Kolibaba, DD Nedeoglo, ND Nedeoglo, VP Sirkeli
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Features of nanotemplates manufacturing on the II-VI compound substrates
GV Colibaba, EV Monaico, EP Goncearenco, I Inculet, IM Tiginyanu
3rd International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering …, 2016
Excitonic luminescence of ZnSe single crystals doped with Au
ND Nedeoglo, AN Avdonin, GN Ivanova, DD Nedeoglo, GV Kolibaba, ...
Journal of luminescence 112 (1-4), 62-65, 2005
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