Swagat Patnaik
Swagat Patnaik
Senior Hydrologist, Statkraft India
E-mail megerősítve itt: iith.ac.in
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Effect of catchment characteristics on the relationship between past discharge and the power law recession coefficient
S Patnaik, B Biswal, DN Kumar, B Sivakumar
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Regional variation of recession flow power‐law exponent
S Patnaik, B Biswal, D Nagesh Kumar, B Sivakumar
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Recession flow prediction in gauged and ungauged basins by just considering past discharge information
C Reddyvaraprasad, S Patnaik, B Biswal
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Importance of nutrient loading and irrigation in gross primary productivity trends in India
S Patnaik, B Biswal
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Characterization of basin-scale dynamic storage–discharge relationship using daily GRACE based storage anomaly data
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Geosciences 10 (10), 404, 2020
Evaluation of an instantaneous dryness index-based calibration-free continuous hydrological model in India
S Patnaik, VC Sharma, B Biswal
Hydrology Research 50 (3), 915-924, 2019
Diagnostic assessment of dominant process controls on the functioning of ecohydrological systems
S Patnaik, B Biswal
Indian institute of technology Hyderabad, 2018
Is there a ‘universal’dynamic zero-parameter hydrological model? Evaluation of a dynamic Budyko model in US and India
B Biswal, S Patnaik, LS Poduri
2017 AGU Fall Meeting, 2017
Large Scale Greening Up in Arid Parts of India due to Anthropogenic Nutrient Loading
S Patnaik, B Biswal
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2017, B51G-1891, 2017
Daily GRACE storage anomaly data for characterization of dynamic storage-discharge relationships of natural drainage basins
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Is there auniversal'dynamic zero-parameter hydrological model? Evaluation of a dynamic Budyko model in US and India
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AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2017, H51B-1267, 2017
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