Aleix Beneyto
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A new blood glucose control scheme for unannounced exercise in type 1 diabetic subjects
A Beneyto, A Bertachi, J Bondia, J Vehi
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 28 (2), 593-600, 2018
Detection and control of unannounced exercise in the artificial pancreas without additional physiological signals
CM Ramkissoon, A Bertachi, A Beneyto, J Bondia, J Vehi
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 24 (1), 259-267, 2019
Assessment of mitigation methods to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia for announced exercise in a uni-hormonal artificial pancreas
A Bertachi, A Beneyto, CM Ramkissoon, J Vehi
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics 20 (4), 285-295, 2018
Artificial pancreas with carbohydrate suggestion performance for unannounced and announced exercise in Type 1 Diabetes
C Viñals, A Beneyto, JF Martín-SanJosé, C Furió-Novejarque, A Bertachi, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 106 (1), 55-63, 2021
A machine learning approach to minimize nocturnal hypoglycemic events in type 1 diabetic patients under multiple doses of insulin
A Parcerisas, I Contreras, A Delecourt, A Bertachi, A Beneyto, I Conget, ...
Sensors 22 (4), 1665, 2022
Generation of individualized synthetic data for augmentation of the type 1 diabetes data sets using deep learning models
J Noguer, I Contreras, O Mujahid, A Beneyto, J Vehi
Sensors 22 (13), 4944, 2022
Postprandial fuzzy adaptive strategy for a hybrid proportional derivative controller for the artificial pancreas
A Beneyto, J Vehi
Medical & biological engineering & computing 56, 1973-1986, 2018
Generation of virtual patient populations that represent real type 1 diabetes cohorts
S Ahmad, CM Ramkissoon, A Beneyto, I Conget, M Giménez, J Vehi
Mathematics 9 (11), 1200, 2021
Closed-loop blood glucose control using insulin and carbohydrates in front meals and exercise
A Beneyto, J Vehi
IFAC-PapersOnLine 50 (1), 2058-2063, 2017
Dynamic Rule‐Based Algorithm to Tune Insulin‐on‐Board Constraints for a Hybrid Artificial Pancreas System
A Bertachi, L Biagi, A Beneyto, J Vehí
Journal of Healthcare Engineering 2020 (1), 1414597, 2020
Conditional synthesis of blood glucose profiles for T1D patients using deep generative models
O Mujahid, I Contreras, A Beneyto, I Conget, M Giménez, J Vehi
Mathematics 10 (20), 3741, 2022
A simulator with realistic and challenging scenarios for virtual T1D patients undergoing CSII and MDI therapy
E Estremera, A Cabrera, A Beneyto, J Vehi
Journal of Biomedical Informatics 132, 104141, 2022
Bolus Insulin calculation without meal information. A reinforcement learning approach
S Ahmad, A Beneyto, I Contreras, J Vehi
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 134, 102436, 2022
Exercise-induced hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes: in-silico comparison between announced and unannounced strategies in closed-loop control
A Bertachi, CM Ramkissoon, A Beneyto, J Vehí
IFAC-PapersOnLine 52 (1), 1000-1005, 2019
Fault tolerant strategies for automated insulin delivery considering the human component: current and future perspectives
A Beneyto, BW Bequette, J Vehi
Journal of diabetes science and technology 15 (6), 1224-1231, 2021
A hybrid automata approach for monitoring the patient in the loop in artificial pancreas systems
A Beneyto, V Puig, BW Bequette, J Vehi
Sensors 21 (21), 7117, 2021
Active Labeling Correction of Mealtimes and the Appearance of Types of Carbohydrates in Type 1 Diabetes Information Records
I Contreras, M Muñoz-Organero, A Beneyto, J Vehi
Mathematics 11 (19), 4050, 2023
Validation of a Probabilistic Prediction Model for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Using Compositional Data Analysis
A Cabrera, L Biagi, A Beneyto, E Estremera, I Contreras, M Giménez, ...
Mathematics 11 (5), 1241, 2023
An ensemble machine learning approach for the detection of unannounced meals to enhance postprandial glucose control
M Ibrahim, A Beneyto, I Contreras, J Vehi
Computers in Biology and Medicine 171, 108154, 2024
Safety and performance of a hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system with carbohydrate suggestion in adults with type 1 diabetes prone to hypoglycemia
A Mesa, A Beneyto, JF Martín-SanJosé, J Viaplana, J Bondia, J Vehí, ...
Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 205, 110956, 2023
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