Philip Serwer
Philip Serwer
Professor of Biochemistry and Structural Biology
E-mail megerősítve itt: uthscsa.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Agarose gels: Properties and use for electrophoresis
P Serwer
Electrophoresis 4 (6), 375-382, 1983
Bacteriophage P22 portal protein is part of the gauge that regulates packing density of intravirion DNA
S Casjens, E Wyckoff, M Hayden, L Sampson, K Eppler, S Randall, ...
Journal of molecular biology 224 (4), 1055-1074, 1992
Internal proteins of bacteriophage T7
P Serwer
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Propagating the missing bacteriophages: a large bacteriophage in a new class
P Serwer, SJ Hayes, JA Thomas, SC Hardies
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The sieving of spheres during agarose gel electrophoresis: quantitation and modeling
GA Griess, ET Moreno, RA Easom, P Serwer
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Characterization of Pseudomonas chlororaphis myovirus 201ϕ2-1 via genomic sequencing, mass spectrometry, and electron microscopy
JA Thomas, MR Rolando, CA Carroll, PS Shen, DM Belnap, ST Weintraub, ...
Virology 376 (2), 330-338, 2008
The complete sequence of marine bacteriophage VpV262 infecting Vibrio parahaemolyticus indicates that an ancestral component of a T7 viral supergroup is widespread in the …
SC Hardies, AM Comeau, P Serwer, CA Suttle
Virology 310 (2), 359-371, 2003
Improved isolation of undersampled bacteriophages: finding of distant terminase genes
P Serwer, SJ Hayes, S Zaman, K Lieman, M Rolando, SC Hardies
Virology 329 (2), 412-424, 2004
Capsid expansion mechanism of bacteriophage T7 revealed by multistate atomic models derived from cryo-EM reconstructions
F Guo, Z Liu, PA Fang, Q Zhang, ET Wright, W Wu, C Zhang, F Vago, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (43), E4606-E4614, 2014
Conformation of double-stranded DNA during agarose gel electrophoresis: fractionation of linear and circular molecules with molecular weights between 3. times. 106 and 26 …
P Serwer, JL Allen
Biochemistry 23 (5), 922-927, 1984
Exclusion of spheres by agarose gels during agarose gel electrophoresis: dependence on the sphere's radius and the gel's concentration
P Serwer, SJ Hayes
Analytical biochemistry 158 (1), 72-78, 1986
The relationship of agarose gel structure to the sieving of spheres during agarose gel electrophoresis
GA Griess, KB Guiseley, P Serwer
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Conversion of a linear to a circular plasmid in the relapsing fever agent Borrelia hermsii
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Complete genomic sequence and mass spectrometric analysis of highly diverse, atypical Bacillus thuringiensis phage 0305ϕ8–36
JA Thomas, SC Hardies, M Rolando, SJ Hayes, K Lieman, CA Carroll, ...
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Electrophoresis of bacteriophage T7 and T7 capsids in agarose gels
P Serwer, ME Pichler
Journal of virology 28 (3), 917-928, 1978
Gel electrophoresis with discontinuous rotation of the gel: An alternative to gel electrophoresis with changing direction of the electrical field
P Serwer
Electrophoresis 8 (7), 301-304, 1987
Assembly of bacteriophage T7. Dimensions of the bacteriophage and its capsids
RM Stroud, P Serwer, MJ Ross
Biophysical Journal 36 (3), 743-757, 1981
Buoyant density sedimentation of macromolecules in sodium iothalamate density gradients
P Serwer
Journal of Molecular Biology 92 (3), 433-448, 1975
Models of bacteriophage DNA packaging motors
P Serwer
Journal of structural biology 141 (3), 179-188, 2003
Electrophoresis of duplex deoxyribonucleic acid in multiple-concentration agarose gels: fractionation of molecules with molecular weights between 2. times. 106 and 110. times. 106
P Serwer
Biochemistry 19 (13), 3001-3004, 1980
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