Stefan-Andrei Irimiciuc
Stefan-Andrei Irimiciuc
National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Langmuir probe investigation of transient plasmas generated by femtosecond laser ablation of several metals: Influence of the target physical properties on the plume dynamics
SA Irimiciuc, S Gurlui, G Bulai, P Nica, M Agop, C Focsa
Applied Surface Science 417, 108-118, 2017
Target properties–plasma dynamics relationship in laser ablation of metals: Common trends for fs, ps and ns irradiation regimes
SA Irimiciuc, PE Nica, M Agop, C Focsa
Applied Surface Science 506, 144926, 2020
Multiple structure formation and molecule dynamics in transient plasmas generated by laser ablation of graphite
SA Irimiciuc, BC Hodoroaba, G Bulai, S Gurlui, V Craciun
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 165, 105774, 2020
Influence of laser-produced plasma parameters on the deposition process: In situ space-and time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy and fractal modeling approach
S Irimiciuc, G Bulai, M Agop, S Gurlui
Applied Physics A 124, 1-14, 2018
On the interaction between two fireballs in low-temperature plasma
DG Dimitriu, SA Irimiciuc, S Popescu, M Agop, C Ionita, RW Schrittwieser
Physics of Plasmas 22 (11), 113511, 2015
Laser Ablation: From Fundamentals to Applications
T Itina
BoD–Books on Demand, 2017
Dispersive effects in laser ablation plasmas
ŞA Irimiciuc, M Agop, P Nica, S Gurlui, D Mihăileanu, Ş Toma, C Focşa
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 53 (11), 116202, 2014
Laser ablation of (GeSe2) 100− x (Sb2Se3) x chalcogenide glasses: Influence of the target composition on the plasma plume dynamics
S Irimiciuc, R Boidin, G Bulai, S Gurlui, P Nemec, V Nazabal, C Focsa
Applied Surface Science 418, 594-600, 2017
A compact non-differential approach for modeling laser ablation plasma dynamics
SA Irimiciuc, S Gurlui, P Nica, C Focsa, M Agop
Journal of Applied Physics 121 (8), 083301, 2017
Experimental and theoretical aspects of a laser produced plasma
ŞA Irimiciuc, I Mihăilă, M Agop
Physics of Plasmas 21 (9), 093509, 2014
Langmuir Probe technique for plasma characterization during pulsed laser Deposition process
SA Irimiciuc, S Chertopalov, J Lancok, V Craciun
Coatings 11 (7), 762, 2021
Particle distribution in transient plasmas generated by ns-laser ablation on ternary metallic alloys
SA Irimiciuc, S Gurlui, M Agop
Applied Physics B 125, 1-11, 2019
Spectral and electrical diagnosis of complex space-charge structures excited by a spherical grid cathode with orifice
RW Schrittwieser, C Ionita, CT Teodorescu-Soare, O Vasilovici, S Gurlui, ...
Physica Scripta 92 (4), 044001, 2017
On the separation of particle flow during pulse laser deposition of heterogeneous materials-A multi-fractal approach
SA Irimiciuc, G Bulai, S Gurlui, M Agop
Powder technology 339, 273-280, 2018
Investigation of laser‐produced plasma multistructuring by floating probe measurements and optical emission spectroscopy
SA Irimiciuc, S Chertopalov, V Craciun, M Novotný, J Lancok
Plasma Processes and Polymers 17 (11), 2000136, 2020
Synthesis and hydrophilic properties of Mo doped TiO2 thin films
D Mardare, N Cornei, D Luca, M Dobromir, ŞA Irimiciuc, L Pungă, A Pui, ...
Journal of applied physics 115 (21), 213501, 2014
A theoretical mathematical model for assessing diclofenac release from chitosan-based formulations
MM Iftime, DL Dobreci, SA Irimiciuc, M Agop, T Petrescu, B Doroftei
Drug Delivery 27 (1), 1125-1133, 2020
Possible dynamics of polymer chains by means of a Ricatti’s procedure-an exploitation for drug release at large time intervals
BM Cobzeanu, S Irimiciuc, D Vaideanu, A Grigorovici, O Popa
Mat. Plast 54, 531-534, 2017
In situ optical and electrical analysis of transient plasmas generated by ns-laser ablation for Ag nanostructured film production
SA Irimiciuc, S Chertopalov, J Bulíř, L Fekete, M Vondráček, M Novotný, ...
Vacuum 193, 110528, 2021
Influence of rare earth addition in cobalt ferrite thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
G Bulai, V Trandafir, SA Irimiciuc, L Ursu, C Focsa, S Gurlui
Ceramics International 45 (16), 20165-20171, 2019
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