Chunwei Ying
Chunwei Ying
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Hivatkozott rá
Oxygen metabolic stress and white matter injury in patients with cerebral small vessel disease
P Kang, C Ying, Y Chen, AL Ford, H An, JM Lee
Stroke 53 (5), 1570-1579, 2022
Deep learning‐based T1‐enhanced selection of linear attenuation coefficients (DL‐TESLA) for PET/MR attenuation correction in dementia neuroimaging
Y Chen, C Ying, MM Binkley, MR Juttukonda, S Flores, R Laforest, ...
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Precise theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation selectively reduced duration-related mismatch negativity
Y Tang, C Ying, J Wang, X Jiao, Z Qian, T Zhang, S Tong, J Sheng, J Sun, ...
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The lateralization and reliability of spatial mismatch negativity elicited by auditory deviants with virtual spatial location
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Neuroinflammation and amyloid deposition in the progression of mixed Alzheimer and vascular dementia
C Ying, P Kang, MM Binkley, AL Ford, Y Chen, J Hassenstab, Q Wang, ...
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Silent infarcts, white matter integrity, and oxygen metabolic stress in young adults with and without sickle cell trait
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A path to qualification of PET/MRI scanners for multicenter brain imaging studies: evaluation of MRI-based attenuation correction methods using a patient phantom
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Self-supervised deep equilibrium models with theoretical guarantees and applications to mri reconstruction
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SPICER: Self‐supervised learning for MRI with automatic coil sensitivity estimation and reconstruction
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MR imaging differences in the circle of willis between healthy children and adults
KP Guilliams, N Gupta, S Srinivasan, MM Binkley, C Ying, L Couture, ...
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A local linear regression algorithm for partial volume correction in brain oxygen extraction fraction estimation
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Evaluation of different attenuation approaches in PET/MRI on quantification in the brain using a lesion simulator
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Deep learning based T1-enhanced selection of linear attenuation coefficients for PET/MR attenuation correction: accuracy and repeatability
C Ying, Y Chen, MM Binkley, MR Juttukonda, S Flores, TLS Benzinger, ...
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Intrinsic vulnerability of low blood flow watershed to white matter hyperintensities in cerebral small vessel disease
C Ying, AL Ford, P Kang, A Al-Habib, S Fellah, Y Chen, JM Lee, H An
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An in silico imaging trial to evaluate an AI-based transmission-less attenuation compensation method for dopamine transporter SPECT
Z Yu, MA Rahman, C Ying, H An, S Norris, A Jha
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 65 (supplement 2), 242562-242562, 2024
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