Blai Vidiella Rocamora (ORCID: 0000-0002-4819-7047)
Blai Vidiella Rocamora (ORCID: 0000-0002-4819-7047)
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Hivatkozott rá
Coexistence of nestedness and modularity in host–pathogen infection networks
S Valverde, B Vidiella, R Montanez, A Fraile, S Sacristán, F García-Arenal
Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (4), 568-577, 2020
Synthetic biology for terraformation lessons from mars, earth, and the microbiome
N Conde-Pueyo, B Vidiella, J Sardanyés, M Berdugo, FT Maestre, ...
Life 10 (2), 14, 2020
Synthetic associative learning in engineered multicellular consortia
J Macia, B Vidiella, RV Solé
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 14 (129), 20170158, 2017
Exploiting delayed transitions to sustain semiarid ecosystems after catastrophic shifts
B Vidiella, J Sardanyés, R Solé
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 15 (143), 20180083, 2018
Population dynamics of synthetic terraformation motifs
RV Solé, R Montañez, S Duran-Nebreda, D Rodriguez-Amor, B Vidiella, ...
Royal Society open science 5 (7), 180121, 2018
The road to synthetic multicellularity
R Solé, A Ollé-Vila, B Vidiella, S Duran-Nebreda, N Conde-Pueyo
Current Opinion in Systems Biology 7, 60-67, 2018
Synthetic Lateral Inhibition in Periodic Pattern Forming Microbial Colonies
S Duran-Nebreda, J Pla, B Vidiella, J Piñero, N Conde-Pueyo, R Solé
ACS Synthetic Biology 10 (2), 277-285, 2021
Synthetic soil crusts against green-desert transitions: a spatial model
B Vidiella, J Sardanyés, RV Solé
Royal Society open science 7 (8), 200161, 2020
Ecological mechanisms underlying aridity thresholds in global drylands
M Berdugo, B Vidiella, RV Solé, FT Maestre
Functional Ecology 36 (1), 4-23, 2022
Engineering self-organized criticality in living cells
B Vidiella, A Guillamon, J Sardanyés, V Maull, J Pla, N Conde, R Solé
Nature communications 12 (1), 1-10, 2021
The paradox of constant oceanic plastic debris: evidence for evolved microbial biodegradation?
R Solé, E Fontich, B Vidiella, S Duran-Nebreda, R Montañez, J Pinero, ...
BioRxiv, 135582, 2017
Habitat loss causes long extinction transients in small trophic chains
B Vidiella, E Fontich, S Valverde, J Sardanyés
Theoretical Ecology 14 (4), 641-661, 2021
Dynamics in a time-discrete food-chain model with strong pressure on preys
L Alsedà, B Vidiella, R Solé, JT Lázaro, J Sardanyés
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 84, 105187, 2020
On dynamics and invariant sets in predator-prey maps
B Vidiella, JT Lázaro, L Alsedà, J Sardanyés
Dynamical Systems Theory, 2019
Ecological firewalls for synthetic biology
B Vidiella, R Solé
iScience 25 (7), 104658, 2022
Synthetic criticality in cellular brains
R Solé, N Conde-Pueyo, A Guillamon, V Maull, J Pla, J Sardanyés, ...
Journal of Physics: Complexity 2 (4), 041001, 2021
Butterfly–parasitoid–hostplant interactions in Western Palaearctic Hesperiidae: a DNA barcoding reference library
E Toro-Delgado, J Hernández-Roldán, V Dincă, JC Vicente, MR Shaw, ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2022
Terraforming Earth's ecosystems: engineering ecosystems to avoid anthropogenic tipping points
B Vidiella Rocamora
Critical slowing down close to a global bifurcation of a curve of quasi-neutral equilibria
E Fontich, A Guillamon, JT Lázaro, T Alarcón, B Vidiella, J Sardanyés
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 104, 106032, 2022
Structural Entropy Constrains Dynamics in Directed Networks
B Vidiella, S Duran-Nebreda, S Valverde
Preprints, 2021
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