Ahmed Makradi
Ahmed Makradi
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Three-dimensional transient finite element analysis of the selective laser sintering process
L Dong, A Makradi, S Ahzi, Y Remond
Journal of materials processing technology 209 (2), 700-706, 2009
Modeling and validation of the large deformation inelastic response of amorphous polymers over a wide range of temperatures and strain rates
J Richeton, S Ahzi, KS Vecchio, FC Jiang, A Makradi
International journal of solids and structures 44 (24), 7938-7954, 2007
Modeling of deformation behavior and strain-induced crystallization in poly (ethylene terephthalate) above the glass transition temperature
S Ahzi, A Makradi, RV Gregory, DD Edie
Mechanics of materials 35 (12), 1139-1148, 2003
Review of state of the art of dowel laminated timber members and densified wood materials as sustainable engineered wood products for construction and building applications
A Sotayo, D Bradley, M Bather, P Sareh, M Oudjene, I El-Houjeyri, ...
Developments in the Built Environment 1, 100004, 2020
Deployment of a self-expanding stent inside an artery: A finite element analysis
M Azaouzi, A Makradi, S Belouettar
Materials & Design 41, 410-420, 2012
An Abaqus toolbox for multiscale finite element computation
A Tchalla, S Belouettar, A Makradi, H Zahrouni
Composites Part B: Engineering 52, 323-333, 2013
Optimization based simulation of self-expanding Nitinol stent
M Azaouzi, N Lebaal, A Makradi, S Belouettar
Materials and Design 50, 917-928, 2013
Micromechanical modeling and characterization of the effective properties in starch-based nano-biocomposites
F Chivrac, O Gueguen, E Pollet, S Ahzi, A Makradi, L Averous
Acta Biomaterialia 4 (6), 1707-1714, 2008
An XFEM crack-tip enrichment for a crack terminating at a bi-material interface
L Bouhala, Q Shao, Y Koutsawa, A Younes, P Núñez, A Makradi, ...
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 102, 51-64, 2013
A novel finite element for global and local buckling analysis of sandwich beams
H Hu, S Belouettar, M Potier-Ferry, A Makradi
Composite Structures 90 (3), 270-278, 2009
A new three-phase model to estimate the effective elastic properties of semi-crystalline polymers: application to PET
O Gueguen, S Ahzi, A Makradi, S Belouettar
Mechanics of Materials 42 (1), 1-10, 2010
A two-phase self-consistent model for the deformation and phase transformation behavior of polymers above the glass transition temperature: application to PET
A Makradi, S Ahzi, RV Gregory, DD Edie
International Journal of Plasticity 21 (4), 741-758, 2005
Numerical investigations of the structural behavior of a balloon expandable stent design using finite element method
M Azaouzi, A Makradi, S Belouettar
Computational Materials Science 72, 54-61, 2013
A micro–meso–model of intra–laminar fracture in fiber–reinforced composites based on a Discontinuous Galerkin/Cohesive Zone Method
L Wu, D Tjahjanto, G Becker, A Makradi, A Jérusalem, L Noels
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 104, 162-183, 2013
Modelling of failure in long fibres reinforced composites by X-FEM and cohesive zone model
L Bouhala, A Makradi, S Belouettar, H Kiefer-Kamal, P Fréres
Composites Part B: Engineering 55, 352-361, 2013
Thermal and thermo-mechanical influence on crack propagation using an extended mesh free method
L Bouhala, A Makradi, S Belouettar
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 88, 35-48, 2012
Micromechanically based formulation of the cooperative model for the yield behavior of semi-crystalline polymers
O Gueguen, J Richeton, S Ahzi, A Makradi
Acta Materialia 56 (7), 1650-1655, 2008
Effective conductivity in isotropic heterogeneous media using a strong-contrast statistical continuum theory
A Mikdam, A Makradi, S Ahzi, H Garmestani, DS Li, Y Remond
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 57 (1), 76-86, 2009
An XFEM/CZM based inverse method for identification of composite failure parameters
L Bouhala, A Makradi, S Belouettar, A Younes, S Natarajan
Computers & Structures 153, 91-97, 2015
Diffusion and viscosity of liquid tin: Green-Kubo relationship-based calculations from molecular dynamics simulations
M Mouas, JG Gasser, S Hellal, B Grosdidier, A Makradi, S Belouettar
The Journal of chemical physics 136 (9), 2012
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