Matteo De Cesare
Matteo De Cesare
Marelli Europe SpA
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Assessment of port water injection strategies to control knock in a GDI engine through multi-cycle CFD simulations
M Battistoni, CN Grimaldi, V Cruccolini, G Discepoli, M De Cesare
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A comprehensive powertrain model to evaluate the benefits of electric turbo compound (ETC) in reducing CO2 emissions from small diesel passenger cars
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Thermal management strategies for SCR after treatment systems
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Neural Network Based Models for Virtual NOx Sensing of Compression Ignition Engines
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Optical investigations on a multiple spark ignition system for lean engine operation
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Modeling Analysis of Waste Heat Recovery via Thermo Electric Generators for Fuel Economy Improvement and CO2 Reduction in Small Diesel Engines
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Modeling and optimization of organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery in automotive engines
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Exhaust Gas Turbocharger Speed Measurement Via Acoustic Emission Analysis
N Cavina, D Moro, M De Cesare, G Serra
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Control method of a direct injection system of the common rail type provided with a high-pressure fuel pump
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Self-adapting control method for an exhaust system for internal combustion engines with controlled ignition
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SAE International Journal of Engines 7 (3), 1414-1421, 2014
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