Cesar C. Palerm, Ph.D.
Cesar C. Palerm, Ph.D.
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Closed-loop glucose control startup
CC Palerm, A Roy
US Patent 8,579,879, 2013
The effect of insulin feedback on closed loop glucose control
GM Steil, CC Palerm, N Kurtz, G Voskanyan, A Roy, S Paz, FR Kandeel
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A dual-rate Kalman filter for continuous glucose monitoring
M Kuure-Kinsey, CC Palerm, BW Bequette
2006 International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2006
Place J, Cantwell M, Chevassus H, Palerm CC. Closed-loop insulin delivery using a subcutaneous glucose sensor and intraperitoneal insulin delivery: feasibility study testing a …
E Renard
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Reduced hypoglycemia and increased time in target using closed-loop insulin delivery during nights with or without antecedent afternoon exercise in type 1 diabetes
JL Sherr, E Cengiz, CC Palerm, B Clark, N Kurtz, A Roy, L Carria, ...
Diabetes care 36 (10), 2909-2914, 2013
A run-to-run control strategy to adjust basal insulin infusion rates in type 1 diabetes
CC Palerm, H Zisser, L Jovanovič, FJ Doyle III
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Semi-closed loop insulin delivery
CC Palerm
US Patent App. 12/565,574, 2011
Hypoglycemia detection and prediction using continuous glucose monitoring—a study on hypoglycemic clamp data
CC Palerm, BW Bequette
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Hypoglycemia prediction and detection using optimal estimation
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Physiologic insulin delivery with insulin feedback: a control systems perspective
CC Palerm
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In Silico Evaluation Platform for Artificial Pancreatic β-Cell Development—A Dynamic Simulator for Closed-Loop Control with Hardware-in-the-Loop
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Modular artificial β-cell system: a prototype for clinical research
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Prandial insulin dosing using run-to-run control: application of clinical data and medical expertise to define a suitable performance metric
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Effect of input excitation on the quality of empirical dynamic models for type 1 diabetes
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Experimental evaluation of a recursive model identification technique for type 1 diabetes
DA Finan, FJ Doyle III, CC Palerm, WC Bevier, HC Zisser, L Jovanovič, ...
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Method and/or system for closed-loop control of glucose to a treatment range
A Roy, CC Palerm
US Patent 10,561,785, 2020
Glycemic health metric determination and application
L Desborough, C Palerm
US Patent 9,445,757, 2016
Real-time continuous glucose monitoring in an intensive care unit: better accuracy in patients with septic shock
C Lorencio, Y Leal, A Bonet, J Bondia, CC Palerm, A Tache, JM Sirvent, ...
Diabetes technology & therapeutics 14 (7), 568-575, 2012
Automated regulation of hemodynamic variables
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IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 20 (1), 24-38, 2001
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