David J Williamson
David J Williamson
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Hivatkozott rá
Pre-existing clusters of the adaptor Lat do not participate in early T cell signaling events
DJ Williamson, DM Owen, J Rossy, A Magenau, M Wehrmann, ...
Nature immunology 12 (7), 655-662, 2011
PALM imaging and cluster analysis of protein heterogeneity at the cell surface
DM Owen, C Rentero, J Rossy, A Magenau, D Williamson, M Rodriguez, ...
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Sub-resolution lipid domains exist in the plasma membrane and regulate protein diffusion and distribution
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Conformational states of the kinase Lck regulate clustering in early T cell signaling
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VAMP7 controls T cell activation by regulating the recruitment and phosphorylation of vesicular Lat at TCR-activation sites
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K Lagrue, A Carisey, A Oszmiana, PR Kennedy, DJ Williamson, ...
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Live-cell super-resolution reveals F-actin and plasma membrane dynamics at the T cell synapse
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