T.W. van den Berg
T.W. van den Berg
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Detection and resolution of resource deadlocks in a distributed data processing system
TW Van Den Berg
US Patent 5,459,871, 1995
Atomistic and coarse grain topologies for the cofactors associated with the photosystem II core complex
DH De Jong, N Liguori, T Van Den Berg, C Arnarez, X Periole, SJ Marrink
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (25), 7791-7803, 2015
Molecular dynamics of photosystem II embedded in the thylakoid membrane
FJ Van Eerden, T Van Den Berg, PWJM Frederix, DH De Jong, X Periole, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (15), 3237-3249, 2017
The NATO MSG-136 reference architecture for M&S as a service
JE Hannay, T van den Berg
Proc. NATO Modelling and Simulation Group Symp. on M&S Technologies and …, 2017
M&S as a Service: Expectations and Challenges
R Siegfried, T van den Berg, A Cramp, W Huiskamp
Orlando, FL: SISO, 2014
Modeling and Simulation as a Service infrastructure capabilities for discovery, composition and execution of simulation services
JE Hannay, T van den Berg, S Gallant, K Gupton
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Containerization of high level architecture-based simulations: A case study
T van den Berg, B Siegel, A Cramp
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A new reality: Modelling & Simulation as a Service
R Siegfried, J Lloyd, TVD Berg
Journal of Cyber Security and Information Systems 6 (3), 18-29, 2018
Modelling and Simulation as a Service: Rapid deployment of interoperable and credible simulation environments–an overview of NATO MSG-136
TW Van den Berg, W Huiskamp, R Siegfried, J Lloyd, A Grom, R Phillips
Proceedings of 2018 Winter Simulation Innovation Workshop, 018, 2018
Federated simulations
W Huiskamp, T van den Berg
Managing the Complexity of Critical Infrastructures: A Modelling and …, 2016
M&S as a Service: Paradigm for Future Simulation Environments
R Siegfried, TW van den Berg
Unmanned vehicle control using simulation and virtual reality techniques
TW van den Berg, W Huiskamp, JC van den Heuvel
ITSC 2001. 2001 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems. Proceedings (Cat …, 2001
Container orchestration environments for M&S
TW van den Berg, A Cramp
SISO-Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization, 2018
Guidelines and best practices for using Docker in support of HLA federations
T Berg, A Cramp, B Siegel
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LVC Architecture study
TW van den Berg, NM de Reus, JM Voogd
Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO), 2011
Design patterns for and automation of federation state control
TW van den Berg, REJ Jansen, H Ufer
Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization's (SISO), 2009
HLA 4 Federate Protocol-Requirements and Solutions
B Möller, M Karlsson, F Antelius, T van den Berg, D Wood
2022 Simulation Innovation Workshop, 2022
Lessons learned from leveraging simulation as a service in Viking 18
NM de Reus, TW van den Berg, HGM Janssen, W Huiskamp, B Löfstrand, ...
Simulation environment architecture development using the DoDAF
TW van den Berg, R Luz
Proc. 2015 Fall Simulation Innovation Workshop. 15F-SIW-019, 2015
Service orientation for the design of HLA federations
AJ Cramp, T van den Berg, W Huiskamp
Orlando, FL: SISO, 2014
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