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Post-field data quality control
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Documentation and instruction manual of the eddy-covariance software package TK3 (update)
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A network of terrestrial environmental observatories in Germany
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A data-driven analysis of energy balance closure across FLUXNET research sites: The role of landscape scale heterogeneity
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A strategy for quality and uncertainty assessment of long-term eddy-covariance measurements
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Corrections and data quality control
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Quality control of CarboEurope flux data–Part 1: Coupling footprint analyses with flux data quality assessment to evaluate sites in forest ecosystems
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Quality control of CarboEurope flux data–Part 2: Inter-comparison of eddy-covariance software
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Results of a panel discussion about the energy balance closure correction for trace gases
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Bioethanol production from sugarcane and emissions of greenhouse gases–known and unknowns
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Towards a consistent eddy-covariance processing: an intercomparison of EddyPro and TK3
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Area-averaged surface fluxes over the LITFASS region based on eddy-covariance measurements
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Reviews and syntheses: Turning the challenges of partitioning ecosystem evaporation and transpiration into opportunities
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Extension of the averaging time in eddy-covariance measurements and its effect on the energy balance closure
D Charuchittipan, W Babel, M Mauder, JP Leps, T Foken
Boundary-Layer Meteorology 152 (3), 303-327, 2014
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