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Hivatkozott rá
Application of the bee algorithm for selective harmonic elimination strategy in multilevel inverters
A Kavousi, B Vahidi, R Salehi, MK Bakhshizadeh, N Farokhnia, SH Fathi
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A robust PID controller based on imperialist competitive algorithm for load-frequency control of power systems
H Shabani, B Vahidi, M Ebrahimpour
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Reconfiguration and capacitor placement simultaneously for energy loss reduction based on an improved reconfiguration method
V Farahani, B Vahidi, HA Abyaneh
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A novel physical based meta-heuristic optimization method known as lightning attachment procedure optimization
AF Nematollahi, A Rahiminejad, B Vahidi
Applied Soft Computing 59, 596-621, 2017
DSTATCOM allocation in distribution networks considering reconfiguration using differential evolution algorithm
S Jazebi, SH Hosseinian, B Vahidi
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A solution to the unit commitment problem using imperialistic competition algorithm
MM Hadji, B Vahidi
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Bacterial foraging-based solution to the unit-commitment problem
M Eslamian, SH Hosseinian, B Vahidi
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An educational guide to extract the parameters of heavy duty gas turbines model in dynamic studies based on operational data
MRB Tavakoli, B Vahidi, W Gawlik
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Evaluation and control of stray current in DC-electrified railway systems
A Zaboli, B Vahidi, S Yousefi, MM Hosseini-Biyouki
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Bacterial foraging solution based fuzzy logic decision for optimal capacitor allocation in radial distribution system
SM Tabatabaei, B Vahidi
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Hybrid shuffled frog leaping algorithm and Nelder–Mead simplex search for optimal reactive power dispatch
A Khorsandi, A Alimardani, B Vahidi, SH Hosseinian
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A novel meta-heuristic optimization method based on golden ratio in nature
AF Nematollahi, A Rahiminejad, B Vahidi
Soft Computing 24 (2), 1117-1151, 2020
Independent distributed generation planning to profit both utility and DG investors
HA Hejazi, AR Araghi, B Vahidi, SH Hosseinian, M Abedi, ...
IEEE Transactions on power systems 28 (2), 1170-1178, 2012
Solution of combined economic and emission dispatch problem using a novel chaotic improved harmony search algorithm
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Improved fault location algorithm for radial distribution systems with discrete and continuous wavelet analysis
M Goudarzi, B Vahidi, RA Naghizadeh, SH Hosseinian
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Power quality disturbance classification using a statistical and wavelet-based hidden Markov model with Dempster–Shafer algorithm
H Dehghani, B Vahidi, RA Naghizadeh, SH Hosseinian
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New transient stability and LVRT improvement of multi-VSG grids using the frequency of the center of inertia
M Choopani, SH Hosseinian, B Vahidi
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 35 (1), 527-538, 2019
Improvement of voltage stability and reduce power system losses by optimal GA-based allocation of multi-type FACTS devices
HR Baghaee, M Jannati, B Vahidi, SH Hosseinian, H Rastegar
2008 11th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and …, 2008
The impact of solid state fault current limiter on power network with wind-turbine power generation
AR Fereidouni, B Vahidi, TH Mehr
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Optimal sizing of battery energy storage in a microgrid considering capacity degradation and replacement year
M Amini, A Khorsandi, B Vahidi, SH Hosseinian, A Malakmahmoudi
Electric Power Systems Research 195, 107170, 2021
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