Bindi Brook
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The EuroPhysiome, STEP and a roadmap for the virtual physiological human
JW Fenner, B Brook, G Clapworthy, PV Coveney, V Feipel, H Gregersen, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2008
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Blood pressure and flow rate in the giraffe jugular vein
TJ Pedley, BS Brook, RS Seymour, TJ Pedley, BS Brook, RS Seymour
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Airway smooth muscle in asthma: Linking contraction and mechanotransduction to disease pathogenesis and remodelling
PB Noble, CD Pascoe, B Lan, S Ito, LEM Kistemaker, AL Tatler, T Pera, ...
Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 2014
DP2 antagonism reduces airway smooth muscle mass in asthma by decreasing eosinophilia and myofibroblast recruitment
R Saunders, H Kaul, R Berair, S Gonem, A Singapuri, AJ Sutcliffe, ...
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A model for time-dependent flow in (giraffe jugular) veins: uniform tube properties
BS Brook, TJ Pedley
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A biomechanical model of agonist-initiated contraction in the asthmatic airway
BS Brook, SE Peel, IP Hall, AZ Politi, J Sneyd, Y Bai, MJ Sanderson, ...
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Activation of Store-Operated Calcium Entry in Airway Smooth Muscle Cells: Insight from a Mathematical Model
H Croisier, X Tan, JF Perez-Zoghbi, MJ Sanderson, J Sneyd, BS Brook
PLOS ONE 8 (7), e69598, 2013
In vitro, in silico and in vivo study challenges the impact of bronchial thermoplasty on acute airway smooth muscle mass loss
IL Chernyavsky, RJ Russell, RM Saunders, GE Morris, R Berair, ...
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Mathematical modelling of cytokine-mediated inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis
M Baker, S Denman-Johnson, BS Brook, I Gaywood, MR Owen
Mathematical Medicine and Biology, 2012
Radiological imaging as the basis for a simulation software of ventilation in the tracheo-bronchial tree
S Ley, D Mayer, B Brook, E van Beek, C Heussel, D Rinck, R Hose, ...
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Small airway hyperresponsiveness in COPD: relationship between structure and function in lung slices
H Maarsingh, CM Bidan, BS Brook, AB Zuidhof, CRS Elzinga, M Smit, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 316 (3 …, 2019
Nonlinear compliance modulates dynamic bronchoconstriction in a multiscale airway model
B Brook, JE Hiorns, OE Jensen
Biophysical Society 107 (12), 2014
Nonlinear Compliance Modulates Dynamic Bronchoconstriction in a Multiscale Airway Model
JE Hiorns, OE Jensen, BS Brook
Biophysical Journal 107 (12), 3021-3033, 2014
A novel computational model predicts key regulators of chemokine gradient formation in lymph nodes and site-specific roles for CCL19 and ACKR4
M Jafarnejad, DC Zawieja, BS Brook, RJB Nibbs, JE Moore
The Journal of Immunology 199 (7), 2291-2304, 2017
Airway and parenchymal strains during bronchoconstriction in the precision cut lung slice
JE Hiorns, CM Bidan, OE Jensen, R Gosens, JJ Fredberg, ...
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Repeated airway constrictions in mice do not alter respiratory function
S Mailhot-Larouche, L Deschênes, M Gazzola, K Lortie, C Henry, ...
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Ryanodine receptor sensitization results in abnormal calcium signaling in airway smooth muscle cells
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Ryanodine Receptor Sensitization Results in Abnormal Calcium Signaling in Airway Smooth Muscle Cells
H Croisier, X Tan, J Chen, J Sneyd, MJ Sanderson, BS Brook
American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology 53 (5), 703-711, 2015
Emergence of airway smooth muscle mechanical behavior through dynamic reorganization of contractile units and force transmission pathways
BS Brook
Journal of Applied Physiology 116 (8), 980-997, 2014
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