Rajeev Joshi
Rajeev Joshi
Central University of Karnataka
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Low temperature combustion synthesis and magnetostructural properties of Co-Mn nanoferrites
AB Salunkhe, VM Khot, MR Phadatare, ND Thorat, RS Joshi, HM Yadav, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2013
Structure and electrical properties of lithium nickel manganese oxide (LiNi0. 5Mn0. 5O2) prepared by P123 assisted hydrothermal route
PS Kumar, A Sakunthala, M Prabu, MV Reddy, R Joshi
Solid State Ionics 267, 1-8, 2014
Evaluation of the intrinsic magneto-dielectric coupling in LaMn0.5Co0.5O3 single crystals
K Manna, RS Joshi, S Elizabeth, PS Anil Kumar
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AG Bhosale, MB Kadam, R Joshi, SS Pawar, SH Pawar
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Investigation on two magnon scattering processes in pulsed laser deposited epitaxial nickel zinc ferrite thin film
D Roy, S Sakshath, G Singh, R Joshi, SV Bhat, PSA Kumar
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Synthesis of hierarchical structured Gd doped α-Sb2O4 as an advanced nanomaterial for high performance energy storage devices
V Adimule, BC Yallur, M Challa, RS Joshi
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Synthesis of fuel cell grade Bi2Co0. 1V0. 9O5. 35 solid electrolyte thin films
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Anisotropic low field magnetoimpedance in (001) oriented La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films
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Relaxation studies of spray deposited Bi2Co0. 1V0. 9O5. 35 solid electrolyte thin films on stainless steel substrate
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Ionics 15 (4), 453-458, 2009
Large Low-Magnetic-Field Magnetocapacitance Effect and Spin Accumulation in Graphene Oxide
S Singh, KS Kumar, Y Bitla, B Kori, B Hiremath, M Rampur, RS Joshi
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Enhanced spin wave propagation in magnonic rings by bias field modulation
G Venkat, D Venkateswarlu, RS Joshi, M Franchin, H Fangohr, ...
AIP Advances 8 (5), 056006, 2018
Understanding the magnetization reversal in six-fold anisotropic hexagonal networks
D Venkateswarlu, PV Mohanan, RS Joshi, PSA Kumar
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 48 (11), 2793-2796, 2012
Studies on grain boundary effects in spray deposited BICOVOX 0.1 films on platinum-coated stainless steel substrate
R Joshi, R Mishra, CA Betty, S Sawant, SH Pawar
Ionics 17 (1), 69-74, 2011
Effect of PVA addition on formation of spray-deposited Sm0. 5Sr0. 5CoO3 thin films on CeO2 substrates
SS Pawar, KP Shinde, RS Joshi, RS Kalubarme, AG Bhosale, SH Pawar
Ionics 16 (7), 649-654, 2010
Enhanced electrical properties of CuO: CoO decorated with Sm2O3 nanostructure for high-performance supercapacitor
V Adimule, VS Bhat, R Joshi, S Batakurki, G Hegde, BC Yallur
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 1-19, 2022
Magnetic Surfaces for Photo-Isomerization of Azobenzene Based Polymer Probed Using Magneto Optical Method
R Sengupta, RG Pooja, SK Gupta, B Kumar, RS Joshi
Topics in Catalysis, 1-7, 2022
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