Majid Baniassadi
Majid Baniassadi
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran
E-mail megerősítve itt: ut.ac.ir - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Modeling of two-phase random composite materials by finite element, Mori–Tanaka and strong contrast methods
B Mortazavi, M Baniassadi, J Bardon, S Ahzi
Composites Part B: Engineering 45 (1), 1117-1125, 2013
Three-phase solid oxide fuel cell anode microstructure realization using two-point correlation functions
M Baniassadi, H Garmestani, DS Li, S Ahzi, M Khaleel, X Sun
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D Rahmatabadi, I Ghasemi, M Baniassadi, K Abrinia, M Baghani
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Development of Pure Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) with Excellent 3D Printability and Macro‐and Micro‐Structural Properties
D Rahmatabadi, K Soltanmohammadi, M Aberoumand, E Soleyman, ...
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Journal of Materials Research and Technology 18, 4201-4215, 2022
On the directional elastic modulus of the TPMS structures and a novel hybridization method to control anisotropy
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Materials & Design 210, 110074, 2021
4D Printing‐Encapsulated Polycaprolactone–Thermoplastic Polyurethane with High Shape Memory Performances
D Rahmatabadi, M Aberoumand, K Soltanmohammadi, E Soleyman, ...
Advanced Engineering Materials 25 (6), 2201309, 2023
Heat-treatment effects on dimensional stability and mechanical properties of 3D printed continuous carbon fiber-reinforced composites
K Wang, H Long, Y Chen, M Baniassadi, Y Rao, Y Peng
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Three-dimensional reconstruction and homogenization of heterogeneous materials using statistical correlation functions and FEM
M Baniassadi, B Mortazavi, HA Hamedani, H Garmestani, S Ahzi, ...
Computational Materials Science 51 (1), 372-379, 2012
Shape memory performance of PETG 4D printed parts under compression in cold, warm, and hot programming
E Soleyman, M Aberoumand, D Rahmatabadi, K Soltanmohammadi, ...
Smart Materials and Structures, 2022
Effective Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Short Carbon Fiber/Natural Rubber Composites as a Function of Mechanical Loading
M. Mahdavi, E. Yousefi, M. Baniassadi, M. Karimpour, M. Baghani
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017
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