Yi Guo
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Slip band–grain boundary interactions in commercial-purity titanium
Y Guo, TB Britton, AJ Wilkinson
Acta Materialia 76, 1-12, 2014
Tutorial: Crystal orientations and EBSD—Or which way is up?
TB Britton, J Jiang, Y Guo, A Vilalta-Clemente, D Wallis, LN Hansen, ...
Materials Characterization 117, 113-126, 2016
Measurements of stress fields near a grain boundary: Exploring blocked arrays of dislocations in 3D
Y Guo, DM Collins, E Tarleton, F Hofmann, J Tischler, W Liu, R Xu, ...
Acta Materialia 96, 229-236, 2015
Growth of {112 2} twins in titanium: A combined experimental and modelling investigation of the local state of deformation
Y Guo, H Abdolvand, TB Britton, AJ Wilkinson
Acta Materialia 126, 221-235, 2017
High resolution low kV EBSD of heavily deformed and nanocrystalline Aluminium by dictionary-based indexing
S Singh, Y Guo, T Burnett, P Withers, M De Graef
Scientific Reports 8 (10991), 2018
On the nucleation and growth of {112 2} twin in commercial purity titanium: In situ investigation of the local stress field and dislocation density distribution
Y Guo, J Schwiedrzik, J Michler, X Maeder
Acta Materialia 120, 292-301, 2016
Erosion mechanisms during abrasive waterjet machining: model microstructures and single particle experiments
M Mieszala, PL Torrubia, DA Axinte, JJ Schwiedrzik, Y Guo, S Mischler, ...
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 247, 92-102, 2017
In situ micromechanical testing of tungsten micro-cantilevers using HR-EBSD for the assessment of deformation evolution
J Ast, G Mohanty, Y Guo, J Michler, X Maeder
Materials & Design 117, 265-266, 2017
Dislocation density distribution at slip band-grain boundary intersections
Y Guo, DM Collins, E Tarleton, F Hofmann, AJ Wilkinson, TB Britton
Acta Materialia 182, 172-183, 2020
Residual stress and adhesion of thermal spray coatings: Microscopic view by solidification and crystallisation analysis in the epitaxial CoNiCrAlY single splat
F Fanicchia, X Maeder, J Ast, AA Taylor, Y Guo, MN Polyakov, J Michler, ...
Materials & Design 153, 36-46, 2018
Stress induced martensite variants revealed by in situ high resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD)
A Arabi-Hashemi, Y Guo, J Michler, D Casari, C Leinenbach, X Maeder
Materials & Design 151, 83-88, 2018
Investigation on the oxidation and corrosion behaviors of FeCrZr alloy as a protective material for Zr cladding
D Jin, Y Guo, Z Gao, Y Zhou, X Wang, F Guo, X Zhao, P Xiao
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 753, 532-542, 2018
Effects of iron and platinum on the isothermal oxidation of β-NiAl overlay coatings fabricated by spark plasma sintering
W Chen, X Shan, J Li, Y Guo, F Guo, X Zhao, N Ni, P Xiao
Surface and Coatings Technology 382, 125178, 2020
Densification, strengthening and toughening in hafnium carbide with the addition of silicon carbonitride
W Hao, N Ni, Y Guo, C Li, X Fan, W Xiao, X Zhao, P Xiao
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 103 (5), 3286-3298, 2020
Nucleation and growth of {112¯ 2} twins in titanium: Elastic energy and stress fields at the vicinity of twins
H Abdolvand, O Sedaghat, Y Guo
Materialia 2, 58-62, 2018
A three-dimensional mechanistic study of the drivers of classical twin nucleation and variant selection in Mg alloys: a mesoscale modelling and experimental study
C Paramatmuni, Y Guo, PJ Withers, FPE Dunne
International Journal of Plasticity, 103027, 2021
Strong and tough HfC-HfB2 solid-solution composites obtained by reactive sintering with a SiB6 additive
W Hao, N Ni, Y Guo, H Cai, X Fan, Y Yao, X Zhao, P Xiao
Ceramics International 46 (10), 16257-16265, 2020
4D Imaging of Void Nucleation, Growth and Coalescence from Large and Small Inclusions in Steel
Y Guo, TL Burnett, SA McDonald, M Daly, AH Sherry, PJ Withers
Growth and Coalescence from Large and Small Inclusions in Steel (November 20 …, 2019
Effect of hydrothermal corrosion on the fracture strength of SiC layer in tristructural‐isotropic fuel particles
X Xie, B Liu, Y Guo, R Liu, X Zhao, N Ni, F Guo, P Xiao
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 102 (9), 5555-5564, 2019
Thermal barrier coatings with interface modified by 3D mesh patterns: Failure analysis and design optimization
L Luo, X Shan, Y Guo, C Zhao, X Wang, X Zhao, F Guo, P Xiao
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 101 (5), 2084-2095, 2018
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