Haitham Qawaqneh
Haitham Qawaqneh
Department of Mathematics Faculty of IT and Science. Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan
E-mail megerősítve itt: siswa.ukm.edu.my - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Fixed Point Results for Multi-Valued Contractions in b−Metric Spaces and an Application
H Qawaqneh, MS Md Noorani, W Shatanawi, H Aydi, H Alsamir
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On Fixed Point Results in Gb-Metric Spaces
H Aydi, D Rakić, A Aghajani, T Došenović, M Salmi Md Noorani, ...
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Common fixed points for pairs of triangular α-admissible mappings
H Qawaqneh, MSMD Noorania, W Shatanawi, H Alsamird
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HA Qawaqneh, MS Noorani, W Shatanawi
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Fixed point theorems for (α, k, θ)-contractive multi-valued mapping in b-metric space and applications
H Qawaqneh, MSM Noorani, W Shatanawi
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Fixed point for mappings under contractive condition based on simulation functions and cyclic (α, β)-admissibility
H Qawaqneh, MS Noorani, W Shatanawi, K Abodayeh, H Alsamir
Common Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized Geraghty (α,ψ,ϕ)-Quasi Contraction Type Mapping in Partially Ordered Metric-Like Spaces
H Qawaqneh, M Noorani, W Shatanawi, H Alsamir
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Existence of Fixed Points of Four Maps for a New Generalized-Contraction and an Application
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On Fixed Point Results in Partial -Metric Spaces
H Qawaqneh, MSM Noorani, H Aydi, A Zraiqat, AH Ansari
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New contraction embedded with simulation function and cyclic (α, β)-admissible in metric-like spaces
H Qawaqneh
International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science 15 (4), 1029-1044, 2020
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence-Based Virtual Laboratories on Developing Students’ Motivation Towards Learning Mathematics
H Qawaqneh, FB Ahmad, AR Alawamreh
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (Online) 18 (14), 105, 2023
The training needs of the mathematics teachers in the light of integrating technology in teaching at Jordan country from their perspectives
FB Ahmad, H Qawaqneh, SA Qwider
Universal Journal of Educational Research 8 (4), 1430-1438, 2020
The Effect of Using Cyber Hunt Strategy on Developing the Mathematical Academic Achievement for Jordanian Universities Students
H Qawaqneh, FB Ahmad, A Zraiqat
2021 International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT), 549-552, 2021
New fixed point results for modified contractions and applications
Hİ Işık, H Aydi, MS Md Noorani, H Qawaqneh
Symmetry 11 (5), 660, 2019
Fixed Points for Triangular α− Admissible Geraghty Contraction Type Mappings in Partial b-Metric Spaces
H Qawaqneh, MS Noorani, W Shatanawi, H Alsamir
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Property Q on G-metric spaces via C-class functions
H Aydi, AH Ansari, B Moeini, MSM Noorani, H Qawaqneh
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Some fixed point results for the cyclic (α, β)–(k, θ)–multi-valued mappings in metric space
H Qawaqneh, MSM Noorani, W Shatanawi, H Alsamir
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1123 (1), 012042, 2018
New soliton solutions of M-fractional Westervelt model in ultrasound imaging via two analytical techniques
H Qawaqneh, A Zafar, M Raheel, AA Zaagan, EHM Zahran, A Cevikel, ...
Optical and Quantum Electronics 56 (5), 737, 2024
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